Pulling my hair out!

I am participating in the EneKAL at Ravelry. I haven’t done anything even remotely near this complicated! The instructions say to use the knit cast-on and I am but it’s driving me friggin’ crazy! You have to cast on 375 stitches! That’s a lot! Why can’t I do long-tail or e-loop or something quick? Will it really make a difference?

I’m sure there wouldn’t be a problem doing what ever kind of cast-on you want to do. However, IMHO they are having you do a knit cast - on because of the amount of stitches it calls for. 375 stitches is a lot and to make sure you have enough of tail.

I do have a suggestion as you cast on put a stitch marker on the needle after every 50 or so stitches this way when you need to check and see how many you have you wont be counting all 375 you will just need to count the markers.

It could be to do with the elasticity of the cast on. I beleive the knitted cast on is a bit less firm than the long tail but firmer than other methods. But definately also the amount of yarn you would need for a long tail. Estimating the correct amount of yarn you need for the long tail could be difficult for 375 stitches so just knitting on is a little easier and will ensure you don’t end up with a lot of waste yarn or running out mid-way through the cast on.
I agree about placing markers every 25 or 50 stitches or so to help keep track of were you are up to. I find i often loose count around the 70 mark.

You could do the long tail cast on with two strands of yarn. One stand from 2 different balls of the same yarn. You just place the two strands over your finger and thumb like normal, one over your finger and one over your thumb. When you get to 375 choose which ball of yarn you will continue with then cut the other strand leaving a tail long enough to weave in later.

It could also be the look of the Knit-on, I think it lays better than long tail…

Thanks all! It also calls for casting on with two strnds and then dropping one so elasticity might be the thing. I guess I’ll stick it out. If I end up frogging it later I will be cursing!!!