Pulled the trigger

Bought the “combi” set off eBay today ($19.95 + free shipping) Don’t worry, sheldon…if I decide to buy a full set I’ll probably buy it here. Also, ETA on the rainbow Denises? :mrgreen:

Let us know how the cubex are. I am curious what it would be like to knit with a square needle :slight_smile:

No problem. I’m curious, too. I already have an old set of metal knitpicks which I’ve had for years and don’t use too much (I keep them for lace purposes.) Dunno if I need Novas, too - since I have Addi as well. Wood is missing from my uh, collection. :teehee:

Here I thought I was the only one collecting interchangeable sets :teehee: I have two so far. I also have tons of regular circs. that I got on ebay. They are bamboo. I bought like every size because they were cheap and they were a waste of money.

I have: Addi (turbo?)
Knitpicks metal
Knitpicks Zephyr (dh got them for me for xmas.)
Denise interchangeable
Knitpicks metal sock dpns
Arriving soon: wooden knitpicks 5" sock dpns, scored on eBay :slight_smile:

8 billion bamboo straights and dpns I also bought on eBay. I love them and they were cheap!

Holy knitting needles :roflhard:
I have two and thought that I was over doing it. I am just beginning though :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention my bates/boye straights I bought second-hand. I like tools and ny husband enables me because he has 3643643433 tools and shrugs if I say I think maybe I have enough needles? Lol

The right tool for the right job. :roflhard:

collecting them must be part of the addiction, new toys!

i love my knitters pride and hiyas- and am always looking at all the others…:slight_smile:

Yup. Totally addicted.

My husband said I’m like a drug addict with yarn…I’m like a drug addict with NEEDLES, TOO. LOL

yep- i started knitting after a lady in jury duty showed me continental, up till then it was crocheting, but knitting only now…: :knitting:
and it has helped unkink my stiff fingers!

They made me do jury duty when I was pregnant, in the third trimester and with a 22 month old and…knitting needles weren’t permitted! I brought crochet instead but didn’t get much hooking done as they dismissed me after several hours.

I bought the Combi set here in KH. Not sure why you’d buy ebay at all?

Backordered. I checked here first. :frowning:

Ahh, I see. Well sometimes we need our supplies NOW! I know how that goes. :teehee:

I really ah, needed to test out knitter’s pride needles. Lol

Do you like 'em? Well, do you?

I love mine! I have the Novas. :happydance:

Have you used knitpicks equivalent? How do they compare?

They might arrive today, if not, tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I thought you already had them. The Knitpicks and Knitter’s Pride needles I have are pretty much clones so I like one about the same as the other. I bought the Nova set here. The Knitter’s Pride does have the sizes on them which is nice. Apparently Knitpicks has changed their needles so the points are different so I don’t plan on ordering needles from them again. I managed to poke my finger on my sz. 5 and it [B][I]h u r t ![/I][/B] It’s still sore a couple of days later.

Comby’s are back in stock! But I don’t know how long they will remain in stock. They definitely sell fast when I put them up.


I very much prefer having the size on them!