Pull over sweater pattern

I decided I want to knit a pull over sweater and this will be my first ever. I’ve been knitting for 8 months and I’m looking for an easy pattern to follow cause I couldn’t really find a easy pattern so do any of you have suggestions? and I’vd already look at Ravelry. Can anyone help me please :frog:

Do you want to work it top-down or bottom-up? Do you want to work flat, then seam or work it in the round for minimal seaming? Raglan sleeves, set-in sleeves, drop shoulder? There are so many things to consider that giving a reccommendation is difficult. I suggest that you might want to look at raglan sleeve sweaters because in some ways they are simpler. Did you find anything close to what you want at Ravelry?

What kind of yarn are you planning on using?

Well I just order some circular needles so I want to knit in the round I wanna try doing it that way.

Well any kind is good with me but not bulky

What size are the needles? If they are 7-9 they’d probably be good for worsted weight.

That said… my first pattern for a sweater was the Knitting Pure and Simple pullover #9724. The instructions were easy to understand.

There 4-11 US interchangeable needles

Here are several more for you to look at from Ravelry (free to join):


If you have all the sizes 4 through 11, that will let you choose the correct needle for the gauge. That’s great. Much easier than finding a pattern written to your gauge.