Puerperium Cardigan

This is the third time, I’ve knit this pattern and this time I wanted to turn it into a pullover with a 3-button opening at the top.
The knitting went without a hitch until ‘after’ the 3rd button when it occurred to me that I couldn’t just join and go on to knitting in the round as I wanted. The 2 sides of the button band (the button side and the hole side) would be side by side instead of on top of each other so they could do up.
I’m in a quandary… how do I get them to line up?
The button band is on both sides of the piece but I have to somehow overlap them to be able to button the 3 button opening.
Any suggestions?
Please…! :think: :think:

Good to hear from you TEMA! You’ve been missed.

I have this pattern on my to-do list. So adorable.
Yes, you’ll need to overlap the buttonhole and buttonbands. To do that you can cast off the 3-4sts of the buttonband. That flap will then be tucked behind the buttonhole band when you join to knit in the round. Could you make the sweater with 3-4 fewer sts in the body? Actually that overlap is accounted for in the cardigan pattern as far as size goes. The cardigan overlaps along the front when buttoned anyway.

Hi Salmonmac… thanks for the welcome…! :slight_smile:
Yes, it’s a fine pattern but I can’t believe I didn’t figure this out for myself… so easy…! But then, that’s what we all say when the Mod Squad gets involved. You always make it look so easy!
A tremendous amount of gratitude to you for this solution. I never thought to cast off one of the button band… but it makes perfect sense. It will all be perfect when I sew it together at the end. Love this solution! Thank you so much!
I do drop in from time to time… a few health problems have left me weak and tired so knitting has been a great joy for me during this time. I’m in the middle of knitting up a fair amount of baby clothes for a young lady about to have her first child and her grandmother can’t knit any more. So, I’ve taken it on and it’s been a Godsend for me. How nice to be working with pretty colours, working on fast knit things! :slight_smile:
God Bless!

I’m indeed sorry to hear about your health problems and I hope they’re in the past. Yes, such fun to knit for a coming grandchild and such a kindness to knit for someone else. All the best to you.

Well, here it is 2018 and I am again knitting this sweater. I love this sweater for a little one so much and this one will be just as the pattern called for… a cardigan… This time I’m knitting it in a very soft yarn that changes colour from blue/purple to blue/pink. I’ve finished the body of the sweater and am about to start the sleeves… the only thing I’m the least bit worried about is the colours of the sleeves… I don’t want them to be at odds with the body as to what colours go where… Any advice?
Thanks, Everyone!:aww::aww:

It depends on how regular the color changes are in the yarn and how the width of the sleeves compares to the width of the fronts. Of course, the color changes on the back will differ too because of the width of the back.
If the yarn is fairly regular, you should be able to match the sleeves to each other though. Same goes for the fronts.