Puckering of stocking stitch above k1p1 rib

I am knitting a pattern which is basically 4 inches of k1p1 rib followed by 4 even increase stitches on the last row and then stocking stitch (with one small cable element, but I don’t think that is relevant).

The original pattern is for 18 st gauge and 4mm (rib) 5mm needles. I am using a 16 st gauge yarn and a smaller size which arithmetically works out exactly the same as the original pattern.

I have done about 10 rows of the stocking stitch above the rib and it is puckered because the rib is so much tighter than the st st. Or that is my sense of the problem.

I feel like it may be so that when it is worn and the ribbing is therefore stretched there won’t be puckering…but I don’t want to knit the whole thing and then find out there is still an issue.

I’ve not done k1p1 rib before so for all I know it always behaves like this.

The pattern is from an old Vogue: Fall/Winter 1984 p. 85. It is a vest in wool. I am using alpaca instead.

Any thoughts appreciated!


The ribbing will stretch out when worn. When you stretch it out on the needles does the transition bother you? I’d just call it the nature of the beast, but if you don’t like it, then change it now before it’s too late.

Thanks for the idea that it’ll be okay when worn. But tell me, if I were to go back and change the pattern to avoid the puckering would I do this by making a wider rib at the bottom?

Thanks, Cathy

I’d probably try making the ribbing on larger needles to reduce the transition from the ribbing to the stockinette.