I’m working on Debbie Bliss book’s rabbit. There is a row which I don’t understand. It says, " K1, sl 1, k2tog, psso, k3tog, k1." Before this row, there are just 8 sts, after this remaining 4 sts.

The think I dont understand is, K1 (1 st), sl 1 (1 st), k2tog (2 sts), psso (2 sts), k3 tog (3 sts), k1 (1 st) there should be 10 sts altogether. How come just 8 sts?

It’s really 8sts. The slip st counts as 1 stitch, the psso (pass slipped st over) is that same st so it doesn’t get counted again. You’ll just be passing it over the k2tog.

so sl 1 + k2tog = psso ?

Slip plus anything, then psso. It could be sl1, p3tog, psso or sl1, k4, psso. It doesn’t matter what comes between, pass the slipped st over whatever it is.

No psso isn’t a stitch, it’s an action and means you pass the slip st over the st after it. Slip 1 stitch, k1 (or k2tog) and you have one stitch. Move the slipped stitch back over that one stitch. Look on the decreases page for SKP to get the idea.

Can I ask one more thing? if a row already have 22 sts, it then said “Cont in garter st and inc 1 st at each end of next row and 6 foll 6th rows. 36 sts”

Wht I understand is, add 1 st at the end of each row, 6+6 rows which means 12 rows altogether. But 6+6 =12 rows, which means 12 sts, and plus before that 22 sts, it will be 34 sts. How come is 36 sts??

Add 1 st to each end, so that’s 2 sts per increase row. Do that on the next row (that’s 2sts increased) and tnen on the following 6 6th rows (that’s 6 x 2st =12sts). So a total of 14sts increased (or from 22 to 36sts.
The 6 following 6 rows means to knit 5 rows and increase on row 6, then knit 5 more and increase on the 6th etc until you’ve done it 6 times (or in your cast it will be 7 total increase rows).

so in here, at 1 st at each end means at 1 sts at the beginning and the end on the six row?

Yes, it’s one st at [I]each[/I] end of the next row and then one st at each end of every 6th row until you have 36 sts.

Well it’s every 6 row 6 times [I]more[/I], so that would include the first increase row and there would be 14 sts added.

sorry, do I need to knit that 5 rows after I have 36sts? coz after that it said need to K 7 rows…

After you’ve done the increase row that gets you to the 36 sts, do what it says next. If it says to knit 7 rows, or increase on the 8th or something, then do what it says.