I understand that I am supposed to pass the slipped stitch over, but over what?

We need more information. If you have a link to the pattern and a name that would help. You can also type out just the a row or two you’re having trouble with. Not the whole pattern though as that’s a copyright violation.

Usually the psso comes after slip 1 k1, so you pass the slip st over the k1. Sometimes it’s slip 2, k1, psso where you pass both slipped sts over the knit 1, or it can be sl 1, k2tog, psso and you’d pass the sl st over the k2tog.

hi my name is pattani,

pass this slip stich over, you have to when you knit the first stich, after that u slipped 1 stich and u knitted stich you have to pass over the slip stich.

you can see the video as well in this website. i hope this help you as well.

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