PSSO? What?

What does “psso” mean? :shrug:

Pass slipped stitch over…

Thanks! :thumbsup:

for an example if it reads: slip one, knit one, psso…which means pass slip stitch over…you will be passing that first slipped stitch over the newly knit stitch on your needle…:happydance:

Got it! Thanks you all! :thumbsup:

This isn’t even my thread but would you keep the passed over stitch on the right needle or do you drop it? It sounds like you’re binding it off…Do the two stitches just switch places???

I skipped a sock pattern because I didn’t know what that stitch was, now I’d like to go back and try it!

It’s something like a BO, it’s actually a decrease like SSK. Take up some scrap yarn and practice a bunch of decreases and increases from the videso.

Hartleystudio, you slip one st to the RH needle, knit the next st and then lift the one you slipped over the one you knit and let it fall off the end. You’re right it is like what you do to BO as far as the slipping over and letting fall off the needle goes. They do not just exchange places, the one you lift over drops down around the knit stitch like when you BO.

I know what it means, but I gotta say that every time I see it I see “Piss off!” :teehee: