Provisional cast on

When doing a provisional cast on, do I actually knit into the waste yarn stitches? And when I get done, what then? I want to make an infinity scarf but am confused by this process. Any help would be appreciated.

Yes, you will knit into the provisional cast on stitches. This video shows one way of doing a provisional cast on and then she knits into it. At the end of your scarf you will then be able to join the live stitches on your needle with the stitches held in the provisional cast on, maybe with a 3 needle bind off. I’d say don’t be too concerned about what to do at the end just yet, you can ask when you get there. If possible, a link to your pattern would be helpful. More provisional cast ons.

Yes, you knit into the waste yarn stitches. After you bind off the one end you unzip the other end and put your needles on the stitches. What I do is slip my needle in a stitch, unzip that one, slip my needle in and unzip that one…I feel more comfortable doing it that way. Then I knit or bind off normally. No 3 needle bind off.

This is the one I do.

Jan, I’m sure you are correct, I thought the 3 needle bind off would join the ends of the scarf, that’s all. Maybe I have infinity scarf confused with something else.

Ack…I just realized she said infinity scarf. You’re right, GG, but see my comment below.

So waffle are you following a pattern? I’m assuming its a big long loop. In this case you can do a 3 needle bind off by not binding off the other end and putting the provisional stitches on on a needle to 3 needle bi d off. However I would probably try to use Kitchener stitch if possible. Then you do t have the ridge created by 3 needle bind off and it does look like an infinite loop.

lol Jan, I thought I’d eaten so much turkey I was reading it wrong. Doesn’t matter, as long as the OP gets the help needed, right? Your Kitchener stitch idea is the right way to go; I wonder what the pattern will say. I’ll have to remember that when I actually get around to doing an infinity scarf myself.

I’d probably knit it in the round myself if possible. I avoid seams like the plague. :teehee: when I’m done I just want to be done!

Even better!

I am not following any pattern per se, I am just using a cool slubby yarn and knitting every row. I am a newer knitter and really just want to try new things…trying to improve different skills. I know about the kitchener stitch but have never done that either. So what I am understanding is that it will be better to do the kitchener stitch instead of a 3 needle bind off to have a seamless edge?

And if I do use a kitchener stitch, was it even necessary to do a provisional cast on?

What do you have in mind? Are you planning a long scarf with the ends joined? The Kitchener stitch is used to join live stitches seamlessly. It would provide the least noticeable joining of the ends. If you cast on normally and then bind off at the end and seam the ends together, it would be more noticeable. I think your plan for the provisional cast on is a good one and it’s a good skill to have. It comes in handy lots of times. And yes, I think Kitchener would be better than 3 needle bind off here.

The provisional cast on gives you the live stitches for Kitchener grafting. Here is a video for grafting garter stitch that may help when you get to the seam. Your scarf won’t have a right side or wrong side as in the video but if you line up the bumps the same way, it should turn out nicely in pattern.

Thank you all soooo much! After the 1st of the year I am going to try and learn to carry colors, so I am sure I will be asking a bunch of questions about that too.
Thanks again!