Provisional cast on

I watched a video by Lucy Neatby about using a crochet hook to do a provisional cast on.
It looks very easy, and I need to learn how to do this.

What are the uses and reasons for provisional cast ons, and why do some use a thread that you pull out and get rid of, later?

This pattern is lovely. Yet, the provisional cast on is pulled out?

Why not use a regular cast on, like this:

I guess I don’t understand why the need for a different way of casting on.

It is easy. I use the crochet hook method, too. You use a different color just so it’s easier to see to pull out and put the needles back on the stitches.

There are many reasons to use it. For instance if you’re making a sweater from the bottom up you can go back and add length or a design. It also works on sleeves and necks.

You can use it on a shawl or scarf that has a one way design. You’d start in the middle with a provisional cast on and work the one side, then pick up the stitches and work out the other way.

Etc. :thumbsup:

Oh! So, a provisional cast on is the same as an invisible cast on!
I like the crochet hook method! It produces a neat, tight edge.
This is why the provisional method is used on the coronet hat, because I will add length, when I’m knitting the rest of the cap, from the cable band. Ok!

A better name might be a temporary cast on. You cast on with it with the intention of taking it out so you can use the live stitches for whatever purpose, and knit in the other direction.

It’s sometimes called an invisible CO, yes. But it is just a temporary one that you may take out so that your BO and CO edges match (BO on the provisional edge too) or when you want to graft two edges together.

you can also use the crochet cast on for a permanent cast on. it creates a great edge that looks just like (my) BO edge, so it is great for a scarf and both ends look the same.

to do a permanent cast on with the crochet cast on: use your regular yarn, make no chain but only put the slip knot on your hook and make the first loop around the knitting needle.
at the end, slip the crochet loop onto the needle as your last cast on stitch. then just knit on regularly.

voilà: your crochet edge — also great if you want to finish your piece with a crochet edging.