Provisional cast on

Arrrggghhh! I’ve looked at various ways of doing it, but NONE of them tell you how to actually start knitting from it. It looks when it’s on the needle like it always does. How do you start knitting and keep the live stitches there? :??

I think I can get the stitches on from either the knitting at noon or Amy’s video, but otherwise…I’m lost. :wall:

If the waste yarn is on the needle, just knit into them. Later, when you’re ready to use the stitches at that end, pull out the provisional stitches one at a time and insert your needle into the stitches of your ‘real’ yarn.

There are some pics here:

Once you get the crochet chain break the yarn and then just pick up stitches from the loops of the chain…just as you would if you were picking up stitches anywhere else.

I do just as Ingrid said, just knit into the waste yarn that is on the needle as if it were the 1st row, I just don’t pull to tightly, I was rather gentle bc I was afraid I’d pull it off…LOL…I haven’t yet…LOL

Okay…well I think I’ll have to grab some of my yucky red heart or something and give it some practice. LOL I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks!

:thumbsup: U can do it :wink:

Okay I got it! The first one I figured out was the Knitting at Noon one so that’s the one I’m going to go with for now. I just made a little swatch, but I’m going to make a “double” hat for my DH. So now I need to know do I do the provisional cast on on the needle I’m going to be using for the hat (16 in circular) or onto another needle and knit off that first?

You can do it either way. If you think putting the waste yarn on a straight would be easier, do that and then knit with your circ from that for the first row.

Thanks for all the help! Now I can get started! In the last two months I’ve had something on the needles constantly and it feels weird not to! I guess I do have the cabled scarf on them, but it’s slower and I want to do the hat. :wink:

Rats… it seems that I need smaller needles or something. I’m using the same ones I used last time I made the hat, but the ribbing was coming out way too loose. I don’t know if it was something related to the provisional cast on or what so I frogged it. I’ve been instructed not to buy anything till Christmas soooo… I may have to do this after. :rollseyes:

Off to find a new project for now…

You know, I was having a horrible time with my provisional cast on coming out SO TIGHT that I couldn’t knit from it. KK suggested doing a crochet cast-on, and that worked a LOT better.

Heh…what do you do if it’s too loose? :??

How far did you get before you decided to frog it? In an effort to make my ribbing a little tighter, just for the hat to stay on, I knit through the back loop on the knits of a k1 p1 rib. And I also knit the rib on a needle two sizes smaller than the hat part. Maybe you could try that. Oh–you said that you didn’t have them. Maybe cast on fewer st for the ribbing and increase for the hat?

Give the ribbing a chance to develop. It’s not going to be as pulled together in the beginning since the prov cast on is looser.

I was only about 3 rows in, but it looked a lot different than it had on the other hat. I think the answer is to use a smaller needle for the ribbing. I’ll also see about knitting into the back (?) of the knit stitch…although this is a k2p2 ribbing…does that matter?

I made a huge mistake telling my stepmom that I needed knitting stuff about a month ago. Shortly thereafter she told me not to buy anything w/o consulting her first. I have a few times, but it’s so close now I can wait. However I better get some needles! :shock: :roflhard:

I am making a ‘fake double knit’ hat right now too. I found that the ribbing looked really loose at the bottom (provional cast on edge) UNTIL I picked up those stitches to go and knit the second half and then it all pulled together just like ribbing should.

That’s good to know! Which type of provisional CO did you use? I used this one.