provisional cast on problem

hi! im currently knitting a top, starting at the straps and knit top to bottom for the front. for the straps my pattern said to use provisional cast on, and (big mistake) i decided it was simple enough i wouldnt need to try it before using it on my project. i am now finished with the start of the front, going back to the straps to pick up from the provisional cast on, but i take out the waste yarn and there are no live stitches to pick up :sob: i really have no idea how i went wrong, i have googled but i cant find many other people with this problem at all. if anybody can help it would be very appreciated, i have attached a photo of what the strap looks like post-pulling out waste yarn.

I don’t think you went wrong at all. With a provisional cast on, you’re really picking up the loops between sts. It looks like you’ll be able to pick up those loops and place them on a needle and knit in the other direction. Since you’re picking up the loops between sts, you’ll be a stitch off from the original stitch count.
Here’s a way to compensate for the lost stitch.

Here’s a trick for picking up that extra stitch that may help in the future.

What is the name of your pattern? Which provisional cast on did you use?