Provisional cast on nightmare

I have problems with every provisional cast on. The one I use is the crochet waste yarn on the working needle and then row one of the project is knitted onto the waste yarn that is now on the working needle.
When I remove the waste yarn provisional cast on, I ALWAYS have a Purl row on my stockinette right side. I have to remove each stitch, one at a time, and convert those Purl stitches to knit stitches!
Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

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Are you doing the provisional cast on like this? (see after 2:00min in the video)

If you knit the first row with your main yarn (as opposed to the waste yarn) you should be able to continue with knit rows after the provisional is removed.


I do the provisional cast on exactly as shown in the video. Then I knit my first row, using my working yarn, onto the provisional cast on stitches on the working needle. I still end up with a Purl row when I remove the waste yarn provisional cast on.
Thank you for the link and your suggestion, but I do knit with my working yarn for my first knit row.

When you remover the waste yarn is the other side of the purl row, a knit row? Can you start with the new strand of yarn on that knit row?
What is the name of your pattern?

The most recent provisional cast was Chabot, but this happens with every project that calls for a provisional cast on.

After reading your response, I made a swatch using a provisional cast on and took a picture. Then I picked up the provisional cast on stitches and removed the waste yarn. It came out as a knit row…first time ever! I have no idea what I was doing before to make that cast on row be a Purl row.

Thanks so much for your response. The problem seems to have resolved itself. Must be your vibes.

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Also, I still don’t know how to post a proper picture for you to see what I’m doing.

In the box you type replies in, there is a little row of icons at the top, one of them is kind of a landscape picture, click this to upload a photo.
On my device I can click it then choose upload photo and when it come up with choices of where to get the photo I can either choose my device icon and then go to my photos if I already took a photo, or, I have the option to select camera and can then take the photo. After i have taken the photo it goes back to a dialogue box and I click upload.

I hope this helps

Thank you Creations.

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Thank you. I was able to upload a photo from my library but it seems I replied to myself.

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It’s all fine. I can see your photo and the knitting is very pretty and even. Once you’ve pulled out the remaining few provisional sts, turn so that the needle with live sts is in your left hand. The knit or V side will be facing you. Begin knitting with a new end of yarn.

I like the yarn you are using, I’m a bit scared of self patterning yarn from a bad lot I had, but yours looks really nice. What is it please?

Thank you again!

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The yarn is Huckleberry Knits, 60% sw merino, 20% yak, 20% silk, in the color Colleen.

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