Projects using elastic and cotton yarn

Hello knitting goddesses,

I have yarn that has 59% bamboo, 25% cotton and 16% elastic nylon.

Any ideas of other knitting projects I can use this for other than socks?

Thank you in advance!!!

What is the name of the yarn and what weight is it?

You might be able to use it for baby sweaters or hats.

The name is Panda Cotton, crystal palace yarn, 50 g, 6-7 inch/st

Here’s nearly 50 pages of projects on ravelry that people used this yarn in. That could give you an idea or six… If you’re not signed up for the site, you should; it’s free and there’s a huge database of yarns, patterns and finished projects. I use it a lot to see what a yarn looks like in knit up, in different projects, what yarns are used in a pattern I’m interested in and so on.

very cool…thank you much. I am giving the sock pattern another try. I hate this super thin elastic sock yarn. I end up starting over a lot!!

I just went to rivalry and many of the patterns I looked at said personal patterns not on rivalry. What’s the point in them being posted if there is no pattern there to access??? Do I need to look somewhere else?

You can do an advanced search for patterns (under the Search box on the left) on the Ravelry site. In the advanced search, you can specify “free pattern”. Further down the search you can specify the weight yarn you’re interested in and even the needle size. There are thousands of free patterns available.

On the link I posted, not all are personal patterns, most are from somewhere. A ‘personal pattern’ just means the people either made their own, or didn’t know how to link the pattern to their project. There’s thousands of patterns linked though. Use the ‘show all types’ in the drop down box, or select different kinds of items - hats, scarves, sweaters, etc.