Project that i'm working on

woolala… here is my current project :frog: :frog:

this whole week i am completely… :passedout:

hope u all enjoy it !!!

show me yours too okie


Those are really nice :slight_smile:

You have been busy! I really like them all!

You are a busy, busy girl!!! I’m loving everything :cheering:

Pretty stuff. Love the shawls.

Great work!! Love the shawls!

Wow, your shawls are really beautiful! Everything looks great!

Wow! Those are beautiful!

Everthing is bea-U-tiful!!!

fantastic !!! i like the green shrug, it is the same one that we knitted… i like the green…

Keep up the good work…


ya is the same blue one that you showed …same pattern…i tink i did skip a step on that …that is why shorter… :teehee: