Project suggestions?


I’m finally taking up knitting seriously, having learnt the basics a few times over the years. I have a great knitting society at my uni, but my knitting has become pretty 24/7, so I hope I can ask some of my questions here. Goodness knows, things seem to go wrong all the time - I spend so much time unpicking things!

Does anyone have tips for what I can knit on straight needles, aside from scarves and jumpers? Would love to start a new project that isn’t a scarf and won’t take 20 skeins of wool!

What about hats, socks or cowls? There are plenty of patterns on Ravelry. I often go there as a source of inspiration. You can use the advanced search on the left or browse patterns.
Circular needles or techniques aren’t difficult to learn, if you’re interested. One advantage is that you avoid seams.

Yes, there lots of seamed patterns for straight needles. I agree with salmonmac though… knitting in the round isn’t hard and it’s nice to not have to seam things like hats. :wink:

Here’s some two needle projects I have bookmarked for just such an occasion. :wink:

I made a hat for a chemo patient once. It turned out ok but for the crooked seam. I knit it on circular needles in the round, and used a marker to know where the round began.
Any ideas what I did wrong? Why would the seam not be straight?
Thanks…if I can figure that out then I could start
Making hats and such.

There shouldn’t be a seam at all if you’re knitting in the round. If you’re striping there will be a jog which is completely normal because knitting in the round is truly knitting a spiral. There are ways to make the jog less obvious in stripes, but you can still where it is a bit. You can also do helix stripes which do not show at all. Here’s the outside and inside of a helix striped hat that I’m working on. I tried to lay it out with a towel stuffed inside so it’s a little wonky, but you can see enough that it’s pretty invisible.

Oh Jan thank you for your comprehensive reply.
Is there anything you can’t do? I am so impressed!
Now for a smile…first I will say when my three wip are
done, I will attempt an easy hat with variegated yarn.
It will be the first time because, and here is the senior moment,
I think the chemo hat I made a couple years ago was crochet!
How wonderful to know knitting won’t make a crooked seam!
Love your hat and if my first attempt works out I will try
Striping. I love yours!

Oh thank you @Bluejaygirl5! I’ve been knitting since 10/2005 so I’ve tried a lot of things by now. I’m at the point where I think I can do most things, but there are many things I just won’t bother with. I like my knitting enjoyable and not super complicated. I don’t mind a bit of a challenge though. :slight_smile:

You will enjoy knitting hats in the round I think. :slight_smile: