Project Runway

Project Runway…any fans? Anyone?

I love PR!! I don’t think I could ever compete though…Tim Gunn rocks!

Ah yes, Tim…“Make it work”…My fav has been Austin Scarlett. I was so upset he didn’t make it to the finals. I love how he over-uses the word “Glamour” :roflhard:

I love it!! this weeks was hilarious!! Michael Kors looked so uncomfortable scoring them!! :roflhard: :roflhard: no more ricky cryfests. who do you think will win?

Yes. What did Micheal call himself “A pope in a sex club” :roflhard:

Poor Ricky, he does cry too much. I think the final 3 will be Sweet P, Jillian and Christian (Mr. Fierce) I am hoping Sweet P will win the Fashion Week show.

I just can’t believe that Chris got kicked out then put back in when Jack had to leave. I also can’t believe how much better he is now.

I’m hoping on Sweet Pea, Jillian and Chris. I’d love to see Christian be fourth.

I love the show and am so sad because Bravo is not part of the Dish Network package we have (we switched from Time Warner Cable). Wah!!! I wish the shows were posted on the website.

Huge PR fan here! I keep saying I would love to have coffee with Tim Gunn or have him adopt me :lol: I love how well Chris has done post being “auffed”. Christian cracks me up with his “ferocity” little side note I was catching up last weekend and my mom saw his hair and said his hair looks so much like yours did when you were born.The spiky side not the smooth part! I had black spiky in every which way hair for the first few months of life.

My final three picks are Jillian, Chris and Christian. I like Sweet P but I just don’t see her making it to the end. Romi I think will be 4th.

I love that show too! :smiley:

A fan here, too. They did the final runway on Fri, Feb 8. Article here. Doesn’t say who won, but [COLOR=“Red”]CAUTION - there are
spoilers as to clothing that was shown.[/COLOR]

Oh no! I read a PR blog and now I know who’s in the finals. Totally shocked me! I won’t give it away, but I’m so mad that I know now. grrrr… The blog also posted pics of the final runway clothes, but I didn’t look…waiting for it to show on Bravo…

I’ll post a new thread in here on Thursday, after the show on Wed and we can disscuss this week’s episode. :happydance:

I love PR… been a fan since episode 1. :cheering:

My favorite designer ever was Daniel Vosovic. I was so bummed that he didn’t win.

This season, I’m rooting for Christian. He’s totally full of himself, but he IS talented, and FIERCE. (Plus we have the same glasses lol… my new ones, not the ones in my avatar, are just like his except green and brown on the sides where his are pink and brown. :teehee: )

Only a few more hours until tonight’s epi! I saw a commercial and it looks like two people are getting Auf’d tonight.

I love Tim Gunn! He’s the reason I watch the show.

heh-heh-heh. It really doesn’t matter who gets auf’d the final week before they send them off to do their stuff for the fashion week - because every single season the last people bumped showed at fashion week anyway! They have always sent at least one extra person - this year they sent five total to the show. They just edit the footage to not show the auf’d ones.