[Project Completed] Baby Romper/Jumpsuit


Today I’m finally close to being done! Just need to sew on the buttons and weave in the loose ends! Thanks for all the help. I couldn’t have done it without this forum :cheering:

A couple of things I wish I did better:

  • The front band was done in two different colors because I ran out of the teal yarn
  • For the stripes, I probably should’ve carried the yarn instead of cutting it off after each color change
  • Is there a way to do i-cord cast off in the round without leaving a gap?
  • Not sure if I did it wrong but there’s a hole at the crotch that I need to sew up lol

I will add more notes on my ravelry project here later : )

Hello everyone:

I am planning on making the following baby jumpsuit. I only have about 2 weeks until my due date, but I’m giving it a try!

At the beginning it is knitted flat (I think), because at the yoke it says “Knit a rib back and forth for collar”, but then at some point it switched to knitting in the round, because it kept saying “Increase on EVERY round”, “Knit rib till end of round”, and “Continue knitting stripes in the round from here”…However, the pattern did not specify WHEN exactly to switch from straight needles to circular needles.

Can anyone please tell me when I should switch from flat to circular knitting?!

Can anyone give me some advice? Your help is much appreciated!

Actually, the pattern does mention when to go to circular knitting, which is after the piece is 11.8" long. the instruction following it has you knit basically 1 more row and cast off 3 sts. it’s after that point you’ll join it in the round and follow the instructions from there. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the quick reply!
so now I am working on “Increasing for front- and back piece”, knitting flat

It says “Increase on EVERY round”…but when knitting flat, I work on the right side in one row, and the wrong side in the next, so when it says “make 1 left”, which I assume on the right side, I would make 1 right on the wrong side in the next row?

Thanks in advance!

I think that will work. Best thing is to try it and see if the slant looks good to you. It may not even show with the ribbing.
See if these project notes help.
I tend not to use m1 increases but prefer knit right loop and knit left loop.

I found the notes really helpful. Thank you!

I am now starting the stripes (yay), but am again confused with the body: “PMs to mark the beginning of the 5 s in the middle front and back 22 s after each of the side marks.”

What the heck does that mean, exactly?!

I believe this pattern is a translation so some things aren’t as clear as they could be. I’m not sure how the sts add up here but the basic idea is that you increase for the crotch by increasing either side of the middle 5 sts in the front and the back.
You have 2 side markers and you’re joined to knit in the round. Figure out which are the middle 5sts on the front and mark them. Do the same for the back and that’ll tell you where to place the increases that come next.

oops lol baby came early! I guess I’ll have to make it before he hits 3 months! :knitting:

Congratulations and very best wishes!

For knitting the legs…am I supposed to transfer the stitches to double pointed needles? It didn’t specify in the pattern.

The pattern calls for dpns but it just says to transfer to needles to knit the legs in the round. You can use dpns here if that’s what you’re comfortable with or magic loop or any other method for small diameter knitting.

I’ve been stuck at the legs for a while now…so right now I have all my stitches on circular needles with no working yarn. I need to somehow join them in the round with a new thread of working yarn. How should I do it?

I’ve been trying to find video instructions, but all I could find were picking up sleeves on raglan sweaters, which involves picking up stitches under the armpit while joining in a new thread of working yarn.

My pattern doesn’t say picking up new stitches at all, so I’m a little lost. Can anyone offer some input? Thanks!

Wow after a month I’m finally done the knitting! Thanks to all who replied

Congrats! Good for you. Can we see?

Hmmm…I posted the picture in the original post. Could you tell me if it is showing up?

Worked like a charm! How adorable is that. Should be warm and comfy too.

It looks great! Pesky holes to close up are a common problem but as you do more knitting and get more experience they aren’t always as much trouble. You really did a beautiful job.