Progressive lenses

Anyone else have these? How long did it take you together used to them? Just got them today and I can knit fine, but reading is harder.

I got used to them so quickly I was amazed, I could see things close up and far away easily. I had been taking my glasses off for anything close up (I’m very nearsighted) and now I didn’t have to. I’d been fighting going into bifocals for years and finally had to admit I had to do something. The only real adjustment I had was getting used to keeping my glasses on. I still read without my glasses a lot and sometimes knit without them on just because I prefer it. I do find myself tilting my head or the computer screen sometimes to get the best focus. Overall I love them.

I’ve had Progressive lenses for over a year and I really like them. It took me about a week to get used to them, but now I don’t take my glasses off as much.


You’ll be amazed at how quickly you get used to the progressive glasses.

The key is to move your head in the direction, and not so much
your eyes.

And do be careful walking down stairs. They appear to be closer than they really are. I almost broke my leg going down them. Tilt your head to look at them through the top part of the glasses, not the bottom magnifier.

I think I am odd, but I had them and the reading portion was way too small. (I read a lot!). I ended up taking them back and having them put bifocal lenses in. If they could have made that reading portion larger I think I would have been ok. Now I have glasses for the work/computer and another set for day to day/reading.

Jan, how’s it going with the new specs?

I’ve had them for several years and like them. When I developed astigmatism and had to get either progressives or bifocals, the optometrist recommended them. Do be careful walking around at first, especially on stairs. Good luck with them.

I think it might be getting better. I’m learning how to hold my iPad or my Kindle for better reading. I’m also getting used to leaving them on and keeping them further up my nose so I don’t look over the top like I used to. :teehee:

Fortunately we live in a single story house so no steps to speak of other than one up to the entry, etc.

I’ve had them for two years and hate 'em with a passion. Cannot lay in bed at watch TV without perching them on the very end of my nose. They interfere in other ways too. Big mistake for me. Will be getting two sets of glasses next time around… unless I can talk hubby into getting me laser surgery for Christmas :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking about it and I might have no line bifocals.

Once upon a time, long, long ago I had glasses made that were just for working at the computer terminal where I sat for 8 hrs. inputting library records for the Washington State Library. That 2nd pair of glasses saved my neck and back and prevented more than a few headaches.

The frame arms are a little too tight so I need to get them adjusted so they don’t give me a headache. Being sick hasn’t helped me get used to them either. It’s hard to know whether my eyes are watering and strained from fatigue and my cold or the glasses. Sigh.

It’s hard to know whether my eyes are watering and strained from fatigue and my cold or the glasses. Sigh.

Or both? Feel better soon!

the last three times I have been to the eye doctor for a new prescription, I have asked for line-free lenses and they have told me, "you won’t like them…"
How do I know if they won’t even let me try? Can they read my mind?
Maybe they get a lot of people who don’t like them at that office, I don’t know, but then I hear of a lot of people who really do - like all of you here!
I think I need to find another doctor and try again.

Been meaning to update this thread. I’ve finally gotten pretty used to them now. It’s taken a good 3-4 weeks of wearing them to adjust where I’m not always aware of them…they just are.

I occasionally find little annoyances when reading and at some point I may want to get reading glasses. I definitely need sunglasses as well.

Monidew…that’s not right. I wonder if they just don’t want to remake them if you find you don’t like them? I would find someone new. You may end up agreeing with the original doctor, but at least you’ll know. If you do make sure to give yourself lots of time to get used to them.