Products you stand behind

Great minds think alike! :slight_smile: My mom came to L-O-V-E Lands’ End back when they first started - in the 80’s sometime, and they didn’t change too much - although I do think they are different since Sears bought them out… and it’s great that they are Wisconsin based.

Other brand names I Stand Behind:

Kleenix (another Wisconsin product - we don’t have facial tissues around here - it’s all Klennix.).

Reef flip-flops
Blue Plate mayo (I have my mom ship it to me b/c it’s not sold here!)
Mary Kay
Old Navy blue jeans
Bath and Body Works Wallflower plug-in things
Knit Picks
Bacardi rum :clink:

Of course, not a conclusive list, but a good start!

Hmmm the only things that I really have to have:
Ponds cold cream w/cucumber extract
Ivory dishwashing liquid
Cascade dishwasher detergent
Downy fabric softner
Geez, seems like I have a cleaning fetish (No, not really)

Oooh, I forgot my knitpicks options set. I adore it. I just wished they made a 16 inch cables. I had to have a pair for a baby hat and ended up having to run all over town and finally found a shop and paid $15 for a pair of the darn things.

Thought of a few more…

SoHo (fake hair)
Tree Hut (available at wallyworld)

OK don’t lol…

Purina hairball cat food. My long haired cat doesn’t leave surprises anymore.

Ziplock huge bags. It holds lots and lots of stash. It keeps dirt & unwanted things out, including cats!

:think: hmmm, lemme think…:figureditout:
Kitchenaid-stand mixer
Cuisinart-hand mixer
Pampered chef stoneware and spatulas
Zyliss-hand operated food chopper
Eddie Bauer
Born shoes
Cover Girl tinted moisturizer
Puff’s with lotion
Purex laundry soap
Oil of Olay cool cucumber bath soap
Bed Head
Clausen pickles
Dakota Grower’s Pastas
Craftsman tools (dh’s input)
Chevrolet or Pontiac
Cass-Clay dairy
Simply Orange oj
Smucker’s Crustables
Quaker oatmeal
Cloverdale bacon
Partylite candles
Aveeno lotion
Science Diet Cat food
Tidy Cat litter

:shock: I can’t think of anything else…

Just about everything – I’m a name brand shopper. :thumbsup:

I have started buying store brand food storage bags – but I’ve never really had a preference regarding those. :shrug:

I can’t think of anything else that I buy that isn’t based on who makes it. :blush:

(For items that have names, of course. I don’t know who makes my apples. ;))

OPI - though I’m all out right now because I only ever paint my toenails in the summer time…
My sonicare toothbrush :heart:
Crest White Strips
Nyquil :drool:

Nuetrogena stress control products
Dove cream oil body wash
Bath and Body Works
Glade scented oil plug ins
Twinings tea
Burts Bees chapstick
Almay mineral foundation
Olay moisturizer
Red Baron french bread pizza
Ben 'n Jerry’s
Ghirardelli dark chocolate
Ghirardelli semi sweet morsels and baking bars
Mr Clean mop stuff with febreeze
Tide 'n go stick
Old Navy, Gap, and American Eagle jeans
Wegman’s (the best grocery store in Western NY!) Ulitimate Chocolate Cake
Okay, now I need to go and find some chocolate! :teehee:

For some reason this strikes me as a good quote…:teehee:

Sears Kenmore appliances
anything Kirkland
DelMonte canned vegetables
Heinz ketchup

I stand behind my Dyson. If I stood in front, it’d probably suck me up! :lol:

Interesting topic.

I’m picky about:
garbage bags (Glad)
facial tissue (Kleenex)
veggie hot dogs (Morningstar farms)
pantyhose for work/everyday (JCPenney)
underwear (Jockey)
vegan mayonnaise (Veganaise)
dishwashing liquid soap (Mrs. Meyers)
laundry soap (7th Generation)
for cleaning my (*&^ white kitchen sink (Cameo)
All purpose cleaner (409 - great at microwave messes)
vitamins (Deva, if possible)
for baking pans (Chicago Metallic commercial line)
plastic wrap (Glad)

I’m not much of a brand name shopper. I do like the following products though:

Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup
Crocs (about the only shoe I buy)
Puffs when I have a cold and the kind with the potion :slight_smile:
Fruictis facial cleanser
Olay Reginerest face cream with SPF
Pampered Chef stoneware
KP Options
Sanderson Farms Chicken
Hellman’s/Best Foods mayo

Other than that I’m not really dedicated. If you can prove that a product is worth the price (or the savings) then I’ll try it. I buy so much store brand food that I look like a promote their products. But when it comes to tomato sauce, rice, beans, sugar and pasta, it’s all the same to me.

I’ve been on a face-care kick lately and I’ve found some good stuff

Noxema(when your skin is oily)
Aveeno foaming cleanser (when your skin is dry. It’s also an amazing makeup remover)
Almay touch pad foundation and blush (well, anything Almay is good in my book right now)
Cute Keds :slight_smile:

in non-skin related areas:
Magic eraser
Scucini hair clips and hairties
Altoid tins. I love tins for my hair clips
August to August calendars by Mixed Role Productions
Mossimo jeans–I’ve never had jeans that fit me better

hmm thats all that I can think of at the moment

That’s amazing!! I need to try that sometime…=]

Body Shop Body Butter - specifically SATSUMA. OMG. It’s incredible.
C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine
Dove milk chocolate or Godiva
Dawn dishwashing liquid

Fun thread!

Oreck for vacuum
GE appliances
Saturn, love my Vue and loved my old SC2
Arnold bread
Anything from Whole Foods
Applegate Farms nitrite/antibiotic free hot dogs and cold cuts
Wellness/Canidae/Felidae/Merrick for pet food
L’oreal mascara
Revlon lipstick and foundation

I had a couple old tins sitting around and I just decided to put them to use! I use a green tin for bobby pins and a red one for clips :slight_smile: