Problems With the SWTC Karaoke Yarn

i am making lady eleanor with the mermaid color and in 2 different skeins i have had the yarn just break - both times it was in the greenish/brown speckled color change section of the yarn

and the kicker is, since there is no dye lot, i bought the yarn from 2 different sources almost 5 months apart and the breakage happened with skeins from both vendors, so i don’t think i got a “bad batch”

has anyone else had this happen with the Karaoke?

I don’t recall having it break–but when I joined a new skein, spit felting did work very well. Come to think of it, there were some spots that were thinner than others. I think I cut those out and felted the ends together.

One thing I did find with this yarn is that several of the skeins had a random wad of extra yarn tucked into the middle of the skein. I suspected it was to get it up to weight.

Good thing it’s so pretty! :wink:

I didn’t have any problems with my karaoke. :thinking: I do recall small areas being thinner than others, but not many. I do hope this isn’t a karaoke breaking epidemic…I love karaoke :smiley:

i have used it in the past, and not had any breakage, but it was a different color (bloom)

it’s not thinner, it actually seems a little fluffier where it breaks, as if it was “unspun” if that makes sense

It does make sense. I do remember that parts were like that. Maybe I was just lucky that it didn’t break. :thinking: