Problems with My First Row

I’ve been knitting for awhile now, but when I am knitting my first row the stitches don’t turn out right. I’ve used long-tail cast-on, knitting-on, and a few others but I still get the same results. I have two pictures of what I’m talking about. The first picture is long-tail cast on, the second is knitted-on, and the third is a really bad drawing that I did that demonstrates how the yarn is messed up. If anyone can help me I’d really appreciate it!!!

The knit CO will be a little loose, which is fine for some things, like lacey items, but not substantial enough for others. You can tighten it up a little by knitting the sts through the back loop on the first row. I’m not sure what you’re doing on the LT cast on, it looks like you’re putting an extra twist between the sts or something. Have you looked at the video for it here to see if you’re working it right?

My knit cast on looks the same as yours but the long tail doesn’t. The long tail should have a bumpy side and looser twisted edge on the other side. This link gives you a drawing of the appearance from twisted side and may also help with the cast on.

I believe the yarn that is hanging down past the cast-on edge is the yarn that is initially wrapped around the needles. For some reason that part is messing up. I’ve watched all the videos I think could help. But for some reason I still can’t get it right. I realized this morning that this does not happen when I am doing a k1 p1 rib. For some reason the CO edge is fine when doing this rib. I am so confused!!! :whoosh:

When you do the LTCO, the thumb yarn is wrapped around the needle, but it’s slipped off when you loop the other yarn around it. Maybe you’re not slipping it off the needle? Look at the cast ons here and check out the ‘Thumb’ version of long tail CO - it results in the same thing, but is done with both hands. You ‘knit’ into the thumb loop using the right hand so it’s more like knitting stitches. I figured that one out back when I was a beginner but couldn’t get the one handed LT to come out right, and I still use it because it’s fast and even for me.

I’m going to try the thumb method out and see if that helps. One thing I am wondering is if the tightness of the cast-on edge would effect it enough to make this happen. Watching the video made me think about my tension, when I do my cast-on the actual CO sts are very very tight. Could that make the yarn poke out the bottom like it is doing? I think I’ll try to do it with the CO tension a bit looser and see if that helps :pray:. Thank you for all of the help you are giving me!!!

I think the tightness of the edge and sts may be from doing the CO incorrectly somehow. To get it a little looser, don’t pull on the yarn tight, especially the thumb loop, and leave spaces between the sts. It occurred to me too, that you may be knitting the first row between the sts somehow, instead of [I]into[/I] the loop on the needle. Usually that would cause the old st to just fall off the needle and unravel, but you might be knitting into the purl bump and the st on the needle, which would be very tight. I think you’re just not doing a step right on the cast on somewhere.

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Wooo Hooooo!!! That was it!!! I just did a long tail cast on and didn’t pull the yarn tight, it worked off the needle beautifully!! I was just pulling the yarn way too tight!! :blooby: I can’t tell you how good it feels to finally get it right after 2 years of messed up edges. I’ve had to come up with creative ways to cover the edges of my projects to keep them from being seen. But now I can finally show off my work!!! Thank you sooooo much for helping me talk this through and figuring out what in the world I was doing wrong!! Wooo Hoooooooooooooo!!!

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Yay! Glad to hear you got it figured out.

A lot of knitters feel like they have to pull the yarn tight to make neat even stitches, but you need a moderate tension and the stitches will even out when you wash or block the item when done.