Problems with Malabrigo colors?

I made my first purchase of Malabrigo at my lys that went out of business so I got a great deal. I bought the color Stonechat 173. The lot numbers are all the same, but the colors are starting to vary quite a bit and it’s kinda ruining my first sweater. :help:

I bought about 8-9 skeins and didn’t even think to actually [I]look [/I]through them to make sure they matched since the lot numbers were the same. The majority of the sweater is the same color but now I’m getting to the bottom of it and it’s starting to turn more pink. It is noticeable which is why I’m asking for help/advice on what to do.

I’d hate to rip it out again as this happened earlier in my knitting venture. What’s a girl to do??

Anyone have a suggestion as to what I should do?? Suck it up and accept that that’s the color it is and move on?? Rip it out and find new yarn that matches?? Crawl in a hole and die??

Okay the last one is a little dramatic :wink:

If it’s really bothering you, then frog it and start again, this time using 2 skeins of yarn at a time and alternating skeins every row or every couple of rows or so.

The color variation you are describing is common with hand dyed yarns and the 2 skein method is what many knitters use to keep their knitting looking more color consistent.

Hope this helps some!


Thanks Susan!

I’m off to cry now that I have to frog it…:waah:

Hey one more question, the last skein I have is more pink too, will it still be okay?

Do you have a picture of it? It sounds kinda pretty to me but I like variegated colors :shrug:

since you said some of the skeins are more pink, i would make sure to use a pink and not so pink skein when alternating every two rows.
artlady had a similar experience with a taupe colorway. she ended up alternating every two rows. i would take your skeins out side in daylight (for good light) and separate them in 2 piles, light and dark or pink/not so pink. then when you knit make sure to alternate between the 2 groups HTH

Boy, I sure wish I had asked about this earlier. :doh:The only 2 skeins I have left are the more pinkish in color. Which means I’d have to rip out a huge chunk of the sweater and I don’t think I can do that, I may just have to live with the color variance.

Oh what to do, what to do…:pout: I didn’t think I’d have to use as much yarn as I have…I even swatched and everything !!!

ArtLady knit an irish hiking scarf with two skeins of malabrigo and had the same problem. here’s the threadwith pictures.

don’t think of having to re-knit it as a bad thing. from what i’ve heard, there’s nothing more enjoyable than knitting with malabrigo! now that i’ve found a WONDERFUL lys that carries it, i’m hoping to find that out first-hand very soon. :cheering: :happydance:

I’ll try and post a picture. Sometimes it doesn’t work for me as it’s too big of a picture. I’ll do my best!!

this is the kind of thing that you would call experience. the more experience we have, the better we get at knitting! (as long as you remember what you’ve learned and don’t relive your mistakes over and over again. :teehee:)


bailsmom, is the sweater knit in pieces or round? if the pinkish part is the bottom half, it might still look good, like a color block sweater, KWIM?

It isn’t just malabrigo that does that, any hand dyed yarn will have variations in color in the same lot. It often adds to the character of the item. Or, as other’s have suggested you can alternate skeins.

I wouldn’t frog, I would just keep working and what you end up with will be a UNIQUE work of art!!!

That being said, when I make a sweater of hand dyed wool I do kinda lay out the skeins and alternate the lighter with the darker, it helps the end effect. I personally have only alternated skeins once and found it to be a real PIA!!!

Okay, I did the best I could with the camera. I had to shrink it like 5 times!

The one on the left is the pinkish one, the one on the right is the majority of the sweater. Is there a way I can get a bigger picture for you to see?? This doesn’t really help you see the whole sweater and to judge whether or not it looks bad.

I would say go with the color variation and don’t take it too seriously, if possible. Color variations are going to happen with variegated yarn and sometimes, that’s just the way it goes!

It would be a shame to do a whole bunch of frogging and start over!

I do think of it as a bad thing because it’s my very first sweater AND I’ve already ripped a chunk out because of the pinkish color. It just looked really off to me and my DH thought so too. So I :frog: and went on my merry way thinking I’d not have to use that skein, I was wrong, I have 2 more that are the same. Oy vey.

Plus I don’t think its so wonderful now that I may have to rip it out again. Yes it’s a nice yarn, but after one rip out, I don’t think that anymore.

Oh my yes! I’ve learned a very good lesson with this project and I’ll never buy yarn unless it’s the same color even though the lot numbers are the same.

Live and Learn.

Yes, it’s knit in pieces and the pinkish part is on the bottom part of the sweater and kinda on the sides so I may get away with it, I’ll have to see what DH says.

BUT!! I still have the neck to do, so I may be doing a lot of cutting and pasting with that part!!

You can show full size pics by uploading your photos to image hosting sites like and posting the link rather than the full image directly.

That must be frustrating. I know hand dyed yarns can vary, but I wouldn’t have expected such a huge difference either.

I can’t even buy wool yarns here. I have been everywhere. All I can get is acrylics and I found one place that sells some Lion Brand Wool-Ease - I think they have room for 8 colors.

it might look ok w/ a pink collar
can you post a pic or link to a pic of the pieces?

I always tell my students that if they want a uniform colour for their projects to not use hand-dyed yarn. :stuck_out_tongue:
That’s not to say that they’re all a going to be as varied as what you’ve found but it’s just simply one of the quirks of hand-dyes to not be uniform and consistent throughout.
As mentioned above, knit with 2 skeins, alternating between rows will even out the colourway.

Personally, I’m ‘when life gives you lemon, make lemonade’ sort of gal. I’d use the variation of colour to your style advantage. Often I’ll use the more varied/different skein for a particular piece of the garment that I want highlighted like the cuff or collar or waistband.

Happy knitting!