Problem with the last knot after joining together the pieces


How are you seaming the pieces together, and what sort of yarn are you using? When I seam, I don’t knot it off, just leave a tail about 3" or so and thread it through the nearby sts. They don’t come out.

well I use the worsted yarn. I just use a needle and use the same yarn to attach them together. I am a beginner ( been a beginner for a long time :frog:) then I get to the end and make a knot and do it again and again and then cut it close. :wall: I wish there was a video for that.
I will try what you said. thank you so much

Making a knot is fine, but don’t cut close to it, that’s why it unravels. Knot it, and thread the tail through a few nearby sts then cut.

I meant is the yarn acrylic, cotton, wool… what fiber?

some yarns are more slippy than others. Instead of just tying a knot you may be better of weaving in the tail end which can be very secure ordoing a stop stitch like when you are sewing (doing lots of tiny stitches right on top of one another and one or two harizontally across the knot itself).

Weaving in I have found is the best.

I could have sworn there was a video on weaving in ends… I tried to find it so that I could post a link for you, however, I can’t seem to find it. :??

Anyone out there know where of a good online video that shows how to weave in the ends?

If I find one, I’ll repost.

The video showing weaving in ends may be included in the Mattress stitch video. Just a guess, I don’t remember for sure, but if you’ve seen it here…