Problem with Peter Pan pattern P1055

Could anyone advise me please. I have completed the back, both fronts and I am on the first sleeve. Unfortunately the pattern appears to be wrong or I am reading it wrong. For sleeve it increases to 67 stitches and then tells you co continue without shaping until the sleeve measures 9 inches/23 cms ending with a wrong side row. All good to here! To shape top it says deceased 1 st at each end of the next 10 rows (47 sts) then work 0 rows. Cast off! This is the problem. It is as if the pattern is missing about three inches of instructions as the sleeve is too short for the arm hole. If I carry on for the required three inches I will end up with 47 stitches which would be too wide to sew in. I am not sure if I am making sense to anyone, but I can not think of a solution to this. Basically on the back and fronts you decrease 20sts for the first part of the shaping, and are told to place a marker there. Continue without shaping until arm hole measures 4 1/2 inches finishing on a right side row. You are then told how to shape neck on both fronts. That’s all fine. The problem is the sleeve will be too short and too wide if I follow this pattern. Any ideas please? ( I hope this isn’t too confusing I am new to the forum and I am a little unsure how to explain my problem)

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You can always keep knitting the sleeve to the length and width that you want.

That said, it looks like the sleeve length for the largest size is supposed to be 9inches at the underarm seam. The sleeve sounds like the top from the beginning of the dec (67sts) should fit into the armhole between the markers.

What width do you measure along the edge (the end of the rows) from the beginning of the decreases, up to the 47sts, across the stitches on the needle and then down the other side to the 67stitch point. In other words, what does the top of the sleeve measure now and what does the armhole measure between the markers?

Hi, the sleeve edge measures 14 inches, the arm hole edge measures 16 inches!

I would take out the sleeve decreases until the top of the sleeve measures close to 16 inches. Going back to the 67 stitch row is even better. Then you can knit 10 more rows without decreases and come close to a 16inch sleeve top.
I like a roomy arm on sweater, especially for children and that seems like a reasonable size.