Problem with Leg warmers - too big!


I just started to knit. I finished my first scarf and wanted to do something else to wear this winter. I decided to make a pair of legwarmers. First I tried to do them with circular needles but I was not really ready. So i decided to knit them with regular needles and seam them. I just finished the first one and, although it is a little smaller than the pattern I used (like 1/2 inche) it is still to big for my legs. Is there a way to make it smaller? I was thinking on seaming the ends overlapping each other. I know this would look weird but It’s the only thing I can think of.
Also, this is only the first one. How should I correct this for the other?
The patter is in ravelry

I also realized that I made a mistake: instead of doing st st (knitting all rounds with circular needles) I knitted all rounds (except the ribbing).

Many thanks for your help!!


First, congrats on trying to do your next big project!

Yes, since you are working these flat, rather than in the round, you will need to knit one row then purl one row to get St st. By knitting each row you get garter st.

To make them smaller you can

  1. overlap the seam as you said, but this may create a bump that rubs. It will also require you to knit the other one in garter stitch so it will match the first one.

If you are willing to redo the first one then you could

  1. CO fewer stitches, based on your gauge, to get the width (circumference) you want.
  2. use smaller needles, which will create a tighter weave and narrower leg warmer.

Many thanks!
I’ll start over with st. st and CO fewer stitches. I really want them to look nice and overlapping was not the best idea. Starting over was not what I wanted because I’m so impatient! But I rather have a nice pair of leg warmers to show off.

Since you have the yarn for the second one, you wouldn’t have to frog the first one before you start again. If I have something too big or too small, I like to leave it until I’ve gotten the new one going for comparison to make sure that I’m making the size difference I want.

Thanks! I’m doing that. Just started the second one… Hope this time I get it right.

I tend to do a lot of holding up pieces and measuring them against myself (if I’m the recipient or anywhere close in size to the recipient).

You can use a large tapestry needle to thread the live stitches of your partially completed legwarmer onto a length of yarn. And then wrap it around your leg to gauge the fit. Generally, your seam will take up about two stitches, which you can easily pinch together at the edge.

If the fit is A-OK, you can move the stitches from the yarn back to the needle by slipping them without twisting them. Then carry on with your knitting.

Good luck!

I’ve always had problems with hand knitted leg warmers staying up. Maybe it’s just me. You could leave them the way they are, crochet a chain, and weave this into the top and bottom of your legwarmers with a crochet hook. Gather and tie them on when you want to wear them.

I’m working on this pattern too (in the round on DPNs) but I cast on too many stitches – I’m thinking I made a mistake in calculating the number to CO since I was mentally converting inches to cm and talking to another mom at the same time. :teehee:

I had DD try it on last night and it was much too big! I’m going to frog it, remeasure her, and try again. (I was only about half-way through one.)

This really doesn’t have anything to do with your original post, except to let you know you’re not the only one struggling with this “easy” pattern. :doh: :wink:

It is easy to knit – just figuring out how many stitches to start with is the hard part! :roflhard:

It is easy to knit – just figuring out how many stitches to start with is the hard part!

Yup. My GD has a friend in ballet who is only there because she’s on scholarship and she fell in love w/ GD’s stirrup legwarmers I made. I’m sure buying something like that is out of the question for the family. I’ve been asked to knit another pair for a girl with smaller legs than my GD’s. If I knew how many sts to start with I’d be half way there already. Meanwhile, I have mittens I must finish.