Problem with decreasing & stitch marker!

Hi I’m new to this site & new to knitting in general. My first project is a Happy Pom Pom scarf which has been pretty successful so far. It is kite shaped so I have been increasing 1 stitch every 4 rows, maintaining 6 stitches after the stitch marker. Have I explained that badly?! Well now the pattern has asked me to decrease (ssk) every 4th row. I did my first ssk (under the supervision of a friend who is an experienced knitter). Sadly she had to go home so I carried on alone & when I reached the end of my next knit stitch row I found that I only had 5 stitches instead of 6 after my stitch marker.

I don’t know how or why this has happened? Can I just move the stitch marker & carry on??

Any assistance would be really appreciated as I don’t expect to see my knitting friend again for another 2 weeks & feel so frustrated not being able to knit!!

Welcome to KH!

When you made the decrease, you did the ssk on the 6-stitch side of the marker, giving you 5 sts. If you want to maintain the 6sts, work the decrease on the side of the marker with the larger number of sts. For example, if you have 30sts, marker, 6sts, work 28sts, ssk, slip marker, k6.
The pattern is a bit vague about this so I can understand the confusion.

Thank you so much for responding and pointing out my error! I should probably unpick that last row and start again but do you think I could just continue and make sure that I don’t do the same thing when I next ssk. Having never decreased before I don’t know how much it would show! Thanks again.

Sure, you could continue with 5sts on one side of the marker or you could just move the marker so that you once again have 6sts on one side. Keep all the decreases on the other side of the marker (the one with the larger number of sts) from now on.

Thanks for reassuring me that I could carry on…I have been knitting all weekend and am really seeing progress now! Very pleased! Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question.