Problem with Debbie Bliss pattern

Hi there, I’m new to Knitting Help and have a little problem I hope somebody will be able to help me with.

I’m currently knitting a Debbie Bliss pattern from The Baby Knits Book, Beaded Fair Isle Cardigan.

On page 88 she says: “Divide for back and fronts. K 31, leave stitches on a holder for right front. K next 63 stitches, etc…K to the end.” ie, this is a k row.

Then: “Left Front. Work straight on last set of 31 stitches for 2 rows, so ending with a p row.”

Well, my calculations are that if you have just done a k row which is followed by two rows (i.e. a p row, then a k row) that means you end with a k row, which is what I’ve done. If you were to end with a p row you would have to do an odd number of rows, say 1 or 3, not an even number of rows.

Am I missing something or interpreting the instructions wrongly? Help, please!


Welcome to KH!
Your reasoning sounds correct to me. Debbie Bliss patterns are lovely but often have errors. I would just work one row here, the purl row, but you can either do one or three rows as you prefer.
There’s a link to errata in this book here:

I’ve made this little cardi several times although never with the beads because they were for babies.

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Hi Salmonmac,

I’m so glad it isn’t me misunderstanding! I did look through the revisions on the Debbie Bliss website. There were revisions for other patterns but not this one, so that’s why I thought I must have been reading it wrongly.

I was planning to do either one or three rows if I didn’t find a solution.

Thank you so much for the link to Ravelry and for taking the time to answer my query!

(I’m also not adding the beads).


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