Problem with awkward loops

Being a novice knitter, (I started all of a day ago) I’ve run into a number of problems in just trying to make a simple scarf. I’m taking a class at our town’s knitting store, and the idea is to have the scarf finished by next sunday’s class.

Some of my loops had fallen when I was purling and so, I just sort of hooked them back on. The project is being done on a size 15 needle, (10 mm) and is 20 stitches with a knit stitch then a purl stitch for 8 rows and then two of the eighth stitch.

It looks like that so far, small I know. And I’m on a purl stitch with this current row.

My problem is my loops fell off, or I did something wrong so that when I purl, (And I purl the continental way if that makes a difference.) I end up with something that looks like:

And instead of a nice little purl, I have a huge loop in my line of knitting. Which definitely is not attractive in a scarf, nor anything else. If it helps at all I took a picture of the loops incase they were done wrong or anything.

I’ll probably give in and see them tomorrow, but I would like to have more than 3 sections of 8 done in a day. If clearer pictures would be better or if you need more information, I am more than willing to try to provide you with that.

Hope this rambling made some sense.

I’m not really sure what loops we’re supposed to be seeing as awkward. Since your so new at this, don’t beat yourself up trying to get perfect stitches. That will come in time. Knitzilla! :rofling:

I think that’s the class I just finished, including the same pattern, yarn, and needles.

I ripped it out twice before I was happy with it. My first two tries were pretty scary. : )

I ended up doing all knit because I liked the way it looked the best for a scarf. Now I’m moving on to thinner yarn and that’s hard too, but it’s been fun!

Yeah. I’ve had to rip mine out twice as well.

I think, having talked to some of the other classmates, the problem is that after the loop fell off the original needle, I stretched it or moved it or something such that when I put it back on the needle, it doesn’t purl at all. It’s not even a stitch anymore, just a tangled up loop.

So is there a certain way, with the purl stitch that I have to re-thread the yarn back on? Or am I making mountains out of mole hills and should just chug along?

The more you knit, the more you’ll know how things are supposed to look. You can also check out Amy’s videos on fixing mistakes in the Basic Techniques/more section.