problem with a hat pattern

Hi everyone

I am knitting this hat and i am sure i am doing something wrong but i can;t understand what that is. I knit the hat in the round but the pleats are shaped on the back side of the pattern and the stripes are somehow almost hidden in the front side. Could anyone help me.

Thank you

I can see the pattern but it wasn’t easily downloadable.
When you say “back side” and “front side” do you mean inside and outside or just one area of the outer or public side of the hat?

If you can see the picture of the hat you can see that the stripes are shaped on the pleat. In my project there are no stripes on the pleat. I’m sending you a picture. Perhaps you can understand what I am doing wrong.IMG_20181206_192331|428x758

This is how it is supposed to beIMG_20181206_192331 And this is my project

So your photo is looking down the inside of the hat. I can see the initial ribbing. Then there should be an increase round which is hidden in the photo. This is followed by 2 rounds of k1, p1 and then 8 rounds of knit the knits and slip the purls. These 8 rounds create the tuck
You won’t see the pleat effect until you’ve worked several rounds
I don’t see stripes on the pleats in the pattern photo. The pleats form a shadow but there’s only one yarn called for in the pattern.
Can you post a photo of the outside of the hat?

Sounds like you skipped a round…putting you on the wrong side of the pattern.


But I have followed the instructions to the letter. Am I doing something wrong on the main pattern?
I knit 2,5 cm ribb pattern. Then 1st round K1,[m1, k2] 39 times, m1, k 1. 120 sts. Two rounds of k1 P1 after that, and then the rest 3rd to 10th rounds.
What am I doing wrong?

At some point, you may have flipped the knitting inside out. You should be knitting with the tips of the needles near you and the circle of knitting towards your lap.

This is on dpns but the same is true for circulars.

Yes!!! Thanks so much. I didn’t realise that I was doing just that. Thanks a lot

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Hi again
Thanks for the video. I followed the instructions but still the pattern does’nt come out right.The pleat is shaped in the inside of the hat. Could there be some mistake in the

written pattern?
I am sending you another photo of my project

You probably need to work several more rows to see a pleat, at least the first 10 and maybe a few more rows.

OK. I will try it. I have knitted the first ten rows of the main pattern though.

I tried the pattern out on a swatch and I see the problem that you’re having. What is the name of the pattern please?

ETA: I worked the 10 row pattern and had to push the tuck from the wrong side to the right side to make it work. Try this after row 10 and see if you like the result.

The name of the hat is " cowl and hat". I have knitted twice the main pattern that is twenty sts and this is what I got.

As you can see the pleat is shaped in the inside of the hat. No stripes are visible on the outside of the project.

I saw the same thing on my swatch. Try pushing the pleats to the inside. It was the best I could do on my swatch.