Problem understanding EZ's Dairy Queen hat pattern

In EZ’s book The Opinionated Knitter page 96, right paragraph, middle, are the words “Shape top as follows:
(P1, P2tog twice, K15 , M1) 3 times. Continue around and note that each round will have 3 fewer stitches and the plain knit-sections will start to narrow while still spiralling. Continue until you have 15 stitches”…etc.

Does this mean do the purling and knitting and m1 3 times and then knit the rest of the round on each row? I did this and the purling seemed to throw off the beautiful spiral line formed by the purl strip of previous directions. If someone has made this hat I would appreciate some help with this. I find some of EZ’s patterns seem to assume the knitter understands what she meant and she did not always finish out her directions.

I wouldn’t knit the rest of the round, but keep doing the stitches as many times as it would take to go around the needle. Since there are 20 stitches involved, then 3 times would work for 60 stitches. If you have more stitches, hopefully the number is divisible by 20 so another repeat will come out evenly.

If your stitch count is not divisible by 20, then you could probably add the extra stitches to the k15 section.

Ingrid, I get 18 sts for the repeat. 18 times 3 is 54 sts.

P1, = 1
p2tog [I]twice, = 4[/I]
k15 = 15

That’s how I came up with 20. . no?

I overlooked the p2tog [B]twice[/B]… :oops:

I had tried repeating around the row and it didn’t look right, but I will try again, paying more attention to the math. Thanks to all of you for your help.

According to my copy of the Opinionated Knitter, it states the decrease rounds as (p1, p2tog twice, k[B]13[/B], m1) 3 times.