Problem trying to do Herringbone Stitch

HI Everyone!
I’m trying to learn a herringbone stitch that is on a scarf pattern from Tangle. The picture looked great!
#35 needles- two strands of yarn.
Row 1: KNit 2 tog in back of the stitch. Only slip first stitch off needle. Sounded easy- HA!
Even though I CO loose, trying to get the first stitch only on the right needle is a pain. Trying to use the second stitch as the first one for the next K2 Tog is even worse.The yarn tightens up and knitting becomes impossible. I know I’m doing something wrong but can’t figure out what it is. The row looks tangled and is so tight nothing moves.
The second row is Purl 2 tog only slip the first stitch off the needle but the first row is so bad I haven’t gotten that far.
What am I doing so wrong wrong wrong?
Thanks in advance for any help!

Are you knitting the first ones through the back loop? That will make a huge difference.

If this is too much of a pain,
The My So Called Scarf is a herringbone that is easier.

Just wanted to say welcome, and that I noticed where you’re from…I lived in that city for 15 years! We’re now on Vancouver Island.

Thanks Ingrid!
Yes, I’m knitting through the back as shown in the video and that seems to be the first problem. Getting that first stitch off and keeping the second one on and being able to carry on from that point is a tight mess.
I did see that other pattern and copied it. I thought that the Tangle one looked easier as I didn’t have to knit or purl into the first stitches again. I’ll try that one but think my basic abilities are not up to doing it without someone here to actually show me how.
NO knitting clubs close by. I tried to start one by putting an ad on craigslist and contacting my local Michaels but no luck.
Knitqueen- HI! I live just two blocks from the Fairgrounds.
Email me if you come in this direction and we’ll meet for coffee!
Thanks to you both !


When you start out to knit the two stitches together through the back loop, are you coming at it from the top or from the bottom? If you put your right needle into the back of both stitches from the top, pointing your right needle down into them, I don’t think it should get all twisted up and too tight to work with.

Also, it helps, as you continue the row, to use your right index finger to hold the stitches on the right needle so they don’t slip off.

I’m NOT an expert at herringbone and I apologize if you’re already doing this, but I gave it a try and it seemed to work for me. Good luck, I hope you can get it!!


It may be that your CO is a bit tight. Try casting on with 2 sizes larger, and maybe start with the purl side first. Sometimes that’s easier. I agree, this first row is difficult to get without stitches slipping off. And using your left finger is a good idea.

Hi Christine and Sue,
Thanks for the help. Yep, I am going into the stitch from the top and yes I’ll try a little looser. I guess we all need a challenge once in a while and this sure is mine!
Thanks again,

Ingrid, Tahnks for putting that scarf up again. I saw it once before and lost ths pattern.

I want to give it a try sometime when I have all of these UFO’s done!!![/COLOR][/B]


I agree with casting on with bigger needles, or cast on and just purl one row plain before starting the herringbone. That helped me - after I discovered I was doing the pattern wrong and making it impossibly tight and unworkable. After sticking my right needle through the back of the 2 stitches and wrapping the yarn around, I was attempting to take only one over the right-hand needle. Not really possible! I finally figured out that I could take both over the right needle and THEN drop only the first stitch off the left. Now it works! I find the purl rows slightly tighter to work than the knit ones.