Probably a stupid ? but how do you figure out bust size for a sweater?

do you measure “around the fullest” part…

Here’s what doesn’t make sense…the sweater I want to knit (IK Titled duster) the “small” is 32" bust, the next size is 36" bust. (I wear a 34B bra :teehee: ) so I’m assuming I need the 36"

BUT I wear a size small or extra small in bought shirts…I’m about a 4/6…so I"m confused.

Generally you measure around the fullest part of your bust. You can also measure a article of clothing that fits how you like. That might be a better measure for something like this anyway.

Even though you wear a 34B, that’s not your bust size. You may measure 35 inches or more. I’ll agree with Jan, measure a sweater you have that you like how it fits.

it’s a good idea to measure a sweater you already have that fits you in a way you like.

and like suzeeq said, your bra size may be a 34B, but that’s not your bust size. For example, I wear a 36DD bra and my bust measurement is 44"

thanks everyone!!

Miriam Quinn gave a great podcast on this topic. If you have more than a B cup, you might want to choose your sweater pattern size according to the “high bust” measurement rather than the measurement across the fullest part, and then insert short rows or not according to how much ease you want across your bust.

Her podcast is called “Knit Science”.

I wear a 42D, measure a bit over 44" at the fullest, and knit to about 40-41". Since I use larger needles (10½, 7, 7.5 mm) there’s a lot of stretch and the 2-3" of negative ease works for me.