Probably a silly question ... ending on WS?

:???: Me again! I am working on a pattern that says:
"… work for 4", ending with WS row".

My question is … When it says [COLOR=“SeaGreen”]ending with WS row [/COLOR]does that mean that I will [COLOR=“Red”]now turn it to the RS and begin knitting there [/COLOR][B]or [/B]that I am [COLOR=“Purple”]ending where I need to start knitting a row on the WS[/COLOR]??

I think it’s that [COLOR=“Red”]I have already knit to the end of a row on the WS and will now turn and knit on the RS [/COLOR]… but I wanted to make sure!

Many many thanks! :thumbsup:

It means you’ve just finished knitting the WS row and will begin to work on the RS. The next instructions will be for the RS row.

Perfect! Thank you Sue!