Pretty yarn and scarf

I love this coloured yarn. It is red heart super saver stripes called cool stripes. So pretty but unfortunately not soft. So I will make it a long scarf for the outside of a coat for the looks and not as a cozy up close one.

I wanted a pattern that was simple but not just garter st. so I tried a 3 row pattern. Rows 1&2 in seed st and row 3 just knit. As a thrower nice to have one knit row. I love how it turned out.

Thought I would post it while a wip in case someone wants to make one for xmas.


Looks good.

If you have a steamer that might soften it up some but may kill some of the row definition (if I’m seeing peaks and valleys). You actually may lose that with any softer yarn, I know Super Soft doesn’t have good depth like that. If that’s just the effect of the seed stitch on a lower background that should stay.

Wash in hot water with fabric softener and dry high heat. It won’t turn into alpaca but Red Heart SS can get soft (it helps to use a loose tension).
And time.
All crochet but my blankets are all soft, even my first one that is fairly tight SC and a throw in very tight HDC.

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Thank you! That’s great info that it will soften once washed. Yeah!

Really stunning colors and a lovely pattern, bluejaygirl! Thanks for posting the photo.

I love those colors and the pattern

It is beautiful! I won’t knit with super saver anymore. It feels like my hands are getting sandpapered while knitting and I can’t wear it. Even after washing it’s still not soft enough for me. But I do like the colors!

Supersaver is acyrlic right? I only work with acyrlic because of allergies but i find it super soft after i wash it

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It is acrylic. Once done and washed I will post my results! Fingers crossed.

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It does feel rough! What type do you use?

What type of yarn? Acrylic? I tend to buy my yarn at my local yarn store (LYS) to support them since I’m there twice a week knitting, but you can get softer acrylics in lots of stores. If it feels soft to begin with then it will be fine after washing. Not sure what stores you have, but let’s see…

These are a few I’ve used years ago that I got in a craft type store. Michaels or Joanne I think.
Caron Simply Soft
Red Heart SOFT
Vanna’s Choice --was pretty soft if I remember correctly

From my LYS
Plymouth Encore wool/acrylic blend --(if you can wear wool you might like this one. I can’t, but like knitting with it)
James C. Brett Marble

I’m sure others will have suggestions as well. You can start a thread about finding a soft acrylic and mention that you want something other than Super Saver and you should get some more ideas.

I like the ones Jan has recommended and add Cascade Pacific to the list.

Thanks Jan! I am crossing my fingers that this
Scarf will be soft after washing with fabric softener.
Will let you know! Likely a couple weeks to get it done
Due to other wips.

Caron Simply Soft is what I use for sweaters. Definitely not a problem next to my skin.

The hat I’m making now isn’t the best to judge (thick and tight) but Knit Picks Brava sport seems soft in the skein, but I haven’t priced it for a sweater’s worth (let alone a blanket’s worth). Although it might have a fuzz problem. The yarn doesn’t feel rough on my fingers like Super Saver does.

Besides price I like acrylics for stain resistance, I’m like Pig Pen.
Hope your Red Heart scarf softens to be usable.

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LOL!! Thank you.
I will let you all know the end result.

I prefer Caron or Bernat. I sldo use woolite when i wash it

I love the colour and the pattern Bluejaygirl5.

Mike, how do you feel Caron Simply Soft yarn holds up for sweaters? I use it to make hats but was curious about larger items.

I think it’s great. I don’t wear sweaters a ton but I don’t have any pilling on my oldest or most worn (except eco which is kind of tweedy and some of the tweedy bits came out as pills).
My oldest cables are still standing out and I think I had better tension to have then stand out on later sweaters (I mention that because I’ve heard it and my entrelac pillow cover went flat).

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Cool. I have thought about using it for a sweater but hesitated.