Pretty tank top! and Q's

So I absolutely :heart: this pretty tank top. I just have a couple concerns about it…

  1. It’s written for a medium, but I wear a small. Any ideas how I could modify it?

  2. I’m a pretty beginner knitter. I’m having a hard time getting my head around the instructions for the darts. Can anyone simplify what it’s saying?


Since they don’t really tell you what the measurements are for the medium, it’s hard to say how much smaller the small would be. You could try it on a smaller needle or with different yarn. :thinking:

The darts are just basic decreases, and would be easier to understand once you got there. You’ve got the marker to show you where to do them, then you do one type of decrease before the marker and one after.

thanks! When I read a pattern I usually try and visualize what it’s asking me to do. But you’re right, it usually is so much easier to understand when it’s right there in front of you!

I’ll have to brainstorm and work out a way to make this to fit my mini stature. :rofling:

Be careful with super chunky yarn and small needles… you might end up with fabric that is super stiff!

maybe I will have to search out a new yarn… or maybe it’s just more trouble than it’s worth! :doh:

I’m so glad you posted the tank pattern link. I have been looking for a tank made out of chunky yarn, and I finally lucked up : ) I had an extra hank left over from a summer sweater last year, and I can finally put it to good use.

I’m so glad I stumbled onto this forum. There is so much great info here and so many wonderful projects. I really like the tank, and I can’t wait to make one. I have an extra hank from a summer sweater I made last year, and this is the perfect tank. Thanks for the link!

The guage is 13 st=4 inches…cast on is 100 st which is = to about 31 inches. This is a mighty small medium, the cami sure is cute tho.

Thank you for the info! I had not done the math yet. I may take it by my local shop and see if they can resize it.

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31 inches eh? This might actually fit me as is! I will have to break out the tap measure and calculator… :happydance:

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