Pretty Princess Fingerless Mittens - Good pics and pattern

So I submitted these to MagKnits and they never responded. Guess they don’t want them. So I’m giving them out to everyone now. Details and pattern are on my blog.

Nikki, those are GORGEOUS!!!
You most definitely should submit them to the 2008 Knitting Pattern a Day calendar, they are taking submissions now, you can find the info here, I have submitted several patterns which have been accepted, I feel sure they would LOVE to have your glove pattern :cheering:

Those are great - the ruffles give them such a feminine touch!

Your bunny is so pretty! :inlove:

Very pretty!

those are so cool and unique!! (and, i want that bunny rabbit!)

Nikki they are gorgeous. Really gorgeous. I want the bunny!!! :teehee:

I cant understand why they didnt get back to you they are stunning.

:muah: Sharon

Very pretty!

Those are BEAUTIFUL! :heart:

Gorgeous!! :notworthy:

Thanks you guys :muah: Enif (the model bunny) also thanks you. I have one other who some people say is cuter, but I think Enif is the more handsome bunny. He’s also the sweeter, as he gives lots of little bunny kisses. Toki, she’s a bit skittish.

Enif and Toki as cannibals:

Nikki thanks for posting the photo of the bunnies. I love saying arhhhhhhhhhh. They are both gorgeous.


:hug: Sharon

Lovely!! :cheering:

They are very pretty! I don’t understand why MagKnits wouldn’t want them?? :cheering:

Those are so cool!!! :cheering: :cheering: I can’t understand why Magknits wouldn’t take them :?? Their loss I guess. You did a great job with them :thumbsup:

Nadja xxx

Thank you guys so much for the reassurance. I wouldn’t have been so put out by it if I had at least gotten a response, but it’s like it wasn’t even worth responding to! ouch :frowning: So I’m glad somebody likes them. :hug:

Those are one fancy pair of gloves! Great fun.

Mama Bear

Those look great! Like you would see being modeled on a catwalk! Seriously! They are beautiful! :inlove: