LOOK WHAT I GOT :heart: :heart: :heart:

My Mum forgot to give me my birthday present as we were in TO for the week…Oh, I’m in love…just what the addicted sock knitter needs…

Lets hear it for Mums :cheering: :muah: :notworthy: :balloons:


:notworthy: Yeah mom!!

:cheering: Way to go, Mom!

That’s a sweet, sweet deal! YEAH!!! :cheering:

What a great present! Maybe I should show my mom this post as a hint…

I love the case, too - so pretty!

I think I need to get myself adopted. Between your new DPNs and the wonderful case and Femmy’s new computer it’s raining presents around here. What a wonderful gift!

:cheering: :cheering: How exciting :cheering: Happy Birthday :muah:

Very pretty and handy! :cheering:

Oooooooh, nice. :drool: happy birthday!

Wow, that’s awesome!!

Ohhh nice! :cheering: