Presenting Felix as the Devil!

Here is my FO for the KAL for this month !!! Mr. Felix as the devil !!! Let’s just say he was extra evil after he got his costume off :rofl: !!!

OMG! How did you get the “tail cozy” on him? Adorable.

LOL!!! It wasn’t easy!! Measuring his tail was kinda hard too. Hubby held him down and I slipped it on him. I left the cast on tail and BO tail attatched to the devil tail and then wrapped it around Felix’s tail and tied it in a bow. (Wow I just said tail too many times lol). I don’t reccomend trying it by yourself lol. You will get bit :roflhard: !!

Whoa, you got a costume on your cat! :notworthy:

Very cute! Where did you get the pattern? Or is it your own?

'Scuse me… wipes coffee off screen

That’s just too cute for words, in a completely devilish way!

I kind of made it up as I went along. His collar is just an edging pattern and his tail is pretty much a rolled scarf with a triangle on the tip. His devil hat is a band with oblong triangles attatched to the top and folded in half. It’s totally not hard to make lol!! Kitty just has to be good for the fittings lol.

oh my goddess, you SO have to submit this to stuff on my cat :roflhard:

All ready for Halloween! Hilarious!

I still can’t believe you were able to get him dressed! My cats would never even let me get close with something like that. He looks adorable!!! :rofl:

Woah, I’m impressed! How did your kitty ever let you get than on him? :rofl:

LOL!!! A lot of man-handling!! He wore the costume for about 5 minutes and then ripped it off!! :roflhard:

I just wanted Felix to wear it long enough for a picture. As you can see my hubby had to sit by Felix just in case he started to dart. :eyebrow:

OMGoodness, that is too cute :cheering:

:yay: You should submit that to KPC!

LOL! thats hilarious!

:roflhard: :cheering: Are you going to make an angel costume too?

DH and I used to “torture”’ our kitty by wrapping a long-armed, velcro-handed monkey stuffed animal around her. “I think she needs a monkey hug!” was a popular refrain around the house for a while. Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen that monkey in a while. I wonder if kitty hid it!

BWAHAHAHAHAHA that is too hilarious!