Preemie Prints donations needed


I run the Houston chapter of and we are really in need of a little help. We started our chapter in April and need help getting off the ground. We have another chapter in College Station that has been up and running for a few years and gets donation regularly. I have been been spreading the word and have received 1 donations n from a preemie clothing store. What we would like to be able to do is hand out baby blankets and preemie hats to current families in the NICU. If anyone can help or direct me to resources I may not have thought if yet it would be great. I can do basic crochet but the need is much greater then what I can keep up with myself.


Welcome to Knitting Help!
Have you tried asking at nearby yarn shops? Often the shop owner is aware of other knitters or crocheters who would be interested or will keep your need in mind. Is there a knitting group at the shop? Is there a bulletin board at the shop you could post on? Have you searched online for knitting groups in your area? Joining those may be a way to recruit knitters. What about groups at senior centers
or appeals on Facebook and through Twitter?