Prayer Shawls

If you are looking for some mindless knitting for a good cause, try Prayer Shawls. It’s very easy, and if you contact local hospital’s chaplan, they may be involved in this and looking for donations.

Prawl Shawl ministry is a service in hospitals and hospices for those in need of spiritual support. There is a prayer done with the shawl as it is draped onto the patient or a family member. It helps give support and comfort.

It’s made with Lion Brand Homespun. 3 skeins is all you will need for one prayer shawl. Use size 11 to 13 needles. Cast on a multiple of 3 stitches, usually 60 is good. Row 1: K3 P3 repeat across row; Row 2: P3 K3 repeat across the row. This is not to make a ribbing fabric, so make sure you purl the knits, and knit the purls. Make the shawl long enough to be able to wrap around your shoulders. Place fringe evenly down the edges.

I find it very relaxing to work on these, especially if I am working on something else that is complex.

I have made one before and gave to a friend of mine - but its funny I just seen this. I went to Hobby Lobby at lunch and found a book with different kinds of prayer shawls and in the book, it had different prayers you can use to put with the shawl. I’ve only seen it online - I never realized there was this book out there too. It was neat to look at.

Interesting…very interesting. While I do knit/crochet for just crafting, there’s also times when I use that time to pray.

I was glad to see your post on the Prayer Shawl Ministry. I have just started this ministry in my church with a big response. You never know how many knitters and crocheters there are until you ask. We have 20 signed up so far to make shawls over the summer and we already have 4 completed shawls. If you would like more information on this ministry go to: a great site that has helped us get started. I’m almost finished with my first shawl. I have stopped to learn how to make socks, the website has finally helped me figure them out. :XX: