Prayer shawl blessing?

I am knitting prayer shawls for 3 out-of-town friends in need of a hug…I am almost done with the 2nd one and would like to get them in the mail. Should I take them to church and ask the rector to bless them before I send them?
Also, the people I am sending them to are christian, but don’t necessarily attend church on a regular basis. Do I send a note saying this is a prayer shawl that has been blessed and hope it will bring you healing? Or do I just say - thought you could use a hug today?

thank you

Your thoughts are commendable. Just give it to the recipient with a “you can use a hug today”.
Let the Lord do the rest.

You could always ask your rector to bless the shawl, then ask the rector for advice on how it should be presented to the recipient. They deal with that kind of situation all the time.