Prairie Boots - Have You Made Them?

[SIZE=“2”][COLOR=“Green”]I am looking for knitters who have made these [B]Prairie Boots[/B].[/COLOR]
[SIZE=“2”][COLOR=“Green”]A friend wants me to make her some but when I quickly scanned through the pattern, it said I should be familiar with “[U]using two circular’s[/U]”. I’m not, in fact I’ve never made anything on circulars, but I am [U]very[/U] familiar with dpn’s [I](or straights)[/I]. [B]Do I [I]have[/I] to use two circ’s or can I get by with dpn’s?[/B]

Thanks in advance for any and all help!

Have a great day![/COLOR][/SIZE] :sun:

Those are really popular around here right now… some manufacturer makes them with a rubber sole for outside wear, but they look just the same otherwise.

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“2”][COLOR=“Green”]I can see why they’re popular, I think they’re gorgeous!

Angie, I noticed that you live in N.B. I can see N.B from my little part of northern Maine, lol! Hello, neighbor![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] :waving:

I think it would depend on what size you’re doing. With small ones, you might be able to use dpns, but probably not with the larger ones. You can start them for your friend on dpns and see how it goes.

You can get a video from or from that will teach you to knit with two circulars. I love it and it’s easy. It’s Knitting Korner’s Sock 1 with Nenah Galati. Sock 2 shows you how to do two socks at one time with two circulars.

The videos on this site show how to knit with 2 circs too, and I believe there’s some on Youtube.

I purchased this pattern also and have not knitted them because of that! They ARE cute and it bothers me that I have not made them yet. I also wanted to use 2 strands of worsted instead of the chunky only because i have it on hand.

The short ones are FAB-U-LOUS!!!

I just started to make a pair for my sister for Christmas. I am using a worsted weight doubled (gray) for the soles. :guyknitting: So far so good and I’m an average knitters.:thumbsup:
I have found that YOUTUBE.COM has been my saving grace for figuring something out when I get stuck!!!
Just type in “knitting prairie boots” or “knitting whatever else” you need help with and scroll thru the demos until you find one you like the best (i always save them to my favs on the YOUTUBE site).

If you think about it, circular needles ARE double pointed needles…they just bend in the middle and hold more stitches, so you don’t need as many. Think of them that way and there’s no problem!

Becky, that is an awesome tip!!

[B]I have hesitated to buy the pattern (hate to spend money), especially when I dont know anyone who has made them successfully yet! Did you get them made and how did it work for you?


I’ve wanted to make these myself and finally gave in to order the pattern and the site was down. But, if you read the comments, a couple people used five double pointed needles in place of the two round ones. That’s what I’ll likely do. I read enough tonight to feel more comfortable with ordering the pattern. They look wonderful and everyones love them. I can’t wait to make them now.