Potter sweaters for my twins!

These were so fun to make–I’ve never used tweed yarn before! Loved it. And I’m so pleased with how well they turned out. They did need an extra 2" of length, though…

The boys are so cute in their new sweaters! Perfect! :thumbsup:

Oh my…those kids and sweaters are adorable! :cheering:

Perfection! They are absolutely wonderful!

They are adorable! And I don’t know how you do it…I can hardly stand to think about knitting 2 of the same sock, much less 2 of the same everything!

Cute! Cute! Cuties!!! Did you surprise them with the sweaters? Or was there any fighting with whose was done first?? :)))

Love the sweaters, but love their expressions even more. In photo #1 J is the one with the funny expression and in photo #2 A is the one with the funny expression. Bet it’s impossible to get both to do the same thing at the same time…you’re a saint!


SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! What tweed did you use??

What adorable boys, and gorgeous sweaters - I love the colors!

Which yarn did you use? Those are great!

They are adorable!! :muah: and the sweaters aren’t bad either :teehee: no, really, they look great!

I have three boys and it’s impossible to get them all to smile and look “pretty” at the same time-one at least always have to get -um- creative with their expression, shall we say. Never a dull moment@ :teehee:

Great job!

Sooooo cute!!!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Marvelous! Perfect! Splendid! :heart:

Nice sweaters too!

LOL–thanks, everyone! I love having someplace to oh-so-humbly brag. :slight_smile: Yes, having twin boys is seriously crazy sometimes! I was trying to get them to smile for the picture, and we had to hurry because we were running late for church, and they just would not both smile! :wall: Of course, then I realized it was funnier if they didn’t. :teehee: Oh, and no, they didn’t really fight about the sweaters. J’s was done first, and then I started on A’s, but realized J’s needed 2 inches of length added, so really they were done at about the same time. They’re pretty excited about them, and everyone loves having an easy way to tell which twin is which!

I used Elizabeth Lavold Silky Tweed. It’s on closeout at Webs. It’s got great hand and texture!

I forgot to ask where the pattern is from!

It’s below in my signature! :slight_smile: