Hi there, I am working on a Christmas potholder from Jorid Linvik’s Book of Christmas knitting. She asks for the pot holder’s body to be knitted in the round so that the finished product is two sides thick. To secure both sides together, she asks for all sides to be crocheted. I looked on Google for tutorials for this but have only found information on crochet pot holders only.

Does anyone know of any good videos or pictures that might help to demonstrate the technique?

I bet you could use this technique for squares without the bother of turning corners.


Really, I have never “picked up and knit” and then bind off but I do think that would be the knit translation of “crochet together.”

I just reread this and you way it’s worked in the round. If you started at the center you could leave live stitches then use a three needle bind off. Crocheting the edges - just go through both layers to work your stitches.