?Potholder Patterns?

I’m looking for potholder patterns. I’ve googled knitted potholders and have only found one pattern that I like( I found it on Magknits website). I would like to make potholders and dishcloths for my female family and friends :balloons: birthdays :present: this year. Any help/suggestions are very much appreciated…

Frugal House has a few potholder patterns.


You have to look through the list though.


Dishcloth boutique
KPC- dishcloths

ETA: Oops! I just realized you asked for potholders, not dishcloths. If you use the dishcloth patterns make sure to make them thick or felt them for pot holder use.

Thank you for the suggestions :happydance:

[color=blueviolet]I love this pattern. It’s great if you like felting.[/color]

Ok, I am actually, coincidentally, working on these felted potholders now! I chose this as my first felting project. But I can’t figure out how to incorporate the “magic loop” tecnique! I’ve watched the “magic loop” video but she does it from the beginning. I’m several rows into this, using the circular needles and I’m assuming I should switch to the Magic Loop method as it starts getting smaller but my brain can’t wrap around how to do this without messing up the pattern! Also, the patter calls for a 24" cable but I think that’s going to be too small because of the amount of stitches I’m working with.
Please, please, can someone steer me in the right direction with this please?!

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