Pot holder yarn?

I want to make some potholders for my nana

What kind of yarn would be best?

I def don’t want anything that will melt or anything like that lol

I use Sugar & Cream or Peaches n’ Creme. 100% cotton won’t melt - tho I HAVE managed to light it on fire once. Don’t ask. :roflhard:

Acrylic WILL melt. 100% wool is great! Even if you drop it on a hot eye and it catches fire, it puts itself out once you move it from the flame.

I’ve used the acrylic yarns [not nylon] most of my life, and have given many sets of acrylic potholders to my friends. My pattern, original to me, is to use 2 afghan-stitch squares crocheted together - nice and thick.

The only time any of my potholders have melted is when I tried to use my potholders for hot pads so I could take a hot pot and set it on the countertop. Then things melted enough to become unusable.

Otherwise, [B]I’ve had the same 7 potholders for well over 11 years[/B]. And I used a darker yarn so stains won’t show so much; and the acrylic yarn can easily be tossed in the washer and dryer - this gets done quite frequently.

Wool and cotton are great choices if you are going to make your potholders double as pads for oven-hot or burner-hot pots and dishes; these don’t wash nearly as well as acrylics do.

Hope this helps,

cotton (yes it can catch on fire, but adding borax (good old fashioned 20 mule team borax) to the rince (or giving them an extra rinse in borax and water) will make the flame resistant!

Wool–knit big and loose, and the full (half felt) for firm, fire resistant pot holders.

(consider double knitting --its how i make all my potholders… (usually in cotton–i mix and match brands–Lion brand, sugar and cream, peaches and cream, bernat… they all work well together.)

I’ve used acrylic ones for years, taking things out of the oven, holding a hot iron skillet. Never had one melt on me.