Pot holder/hot pads

My grandmother had made a few hot-pads that we use as pot holder to grab something out of the oven. I’m looking for a place to find some patterns so i may make some of my own. I am a beginner so it would help for it to be semi easy to understand.

I still dont even know how to do the ‘st st’ knitting. I basically was given a kit to do & it had some minor stuff on a dvd that came with it, but half the stuff I read in patterns I dont understand yet.

You could look for discloth patterns. Make two and sew them together around the edge. Cotton could work okay I think, better than acrylic which gets hot too quickly and could burn you.


Start here for patterns: http://www.knittingpatterncentral.com/directory/potholders_hotpads.php

whatever you do, please use cotton yarn, acrylic will melt and burn you.