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I just started a shop on Etsy to sell my handmade things, I only have one item so far until I can add more.

Here it is!:

Thank you for looking!


Ya, I love them for toting around the sock yarn and sock in progress! :cheering:


i dont sell yarns… but i was thinking about dying and sell… anyone want to give tips on what i should have on hand to start? thanks


Hello I would like to introduce our new Etsy shop.

we offer sock yarns, spinning fiber and much much more



L, can I ask where in WI you are located.

Your yarns look wonderful.



Droooooool. Great store! Thanks for enabling. :muah:


Yeah. Yesterday I took along a ball of sock yarn in my knitting bag, just to have it there. :teehee: I am bribing myself. If I sit down and finish the second sock, which is nearly done, I can start another pair!!! Seems fair. I sorted all my sock yarn the other day, and boy do I have a lot!!! But not too much. Never too much. I wish I had a couple more hands… samm


I have added 5 felted cases to my etsy!


We are right on the lake in cold Sheboygan. lol
or I usually leave it at… half way inbetween Milwaukee and Green Bay


When i get my birthday present from my grandma - i’ll spend it there… :cheering:


I bought some yarn from a couple of weeks ago and I had a hard time picking just one skein to buy! Shipping was fast, but I never received any indication that it had shipped. no email. no update on the online invoice. :shrug: I like to be spoiled.

The yarn is drool worthy though!


My sister and I have been selling bags and purses for years. After doing the craft show circuit, ha ha, we recently formed a business named Ally and Nettie Totes. Right now, we are in the process of starting a website. In the meantime, we have been selling knitting bags on E-bay. These particular bags have custom wooden handles sewn onto high quality upholstery bags. We have been getting good feedback from knitting friends…we hope they turn into sales! Check us out on E-bay…we would love to hear what you think. Thanks for the opportunity to post new business information here.


I just updated today in both my stores…come visit!

Thanks for stopping by! :muah:


got one got one I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove the lime slushy( ) . thank you thank you


You’re welcome! :cheering:


Hello my knittinghelp friends! I am finally officially launching my website today. I have a couple of original knitting patterns available and I will be adding another two patterns in the next few weeks!


I forgot to mention May is free shipping month!
(within US)


I just placed an order, and got free shipping, yippie.



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Hi all, will be debuting a new knitting design software product within the next couple of months.

Right now we need your help in coming up with a name and slogan for our product.

The WINNER of the CONTEST will receive one free copy of the program.

If you would like to enter our contest, please log onto