Possum yarn...really?

I saw that Cherry Tree Hill has possum yarn.


Is it really from this critter? Really? Has anyone tried it? How on earth is it gathered? Are there possum farms? What’s the most unusual fiber you’ve ever tried? Plant or animal? If it grows, it will get knit? :wink:

I’m all up for trying different & unusual yarn…but I’m afraid that I would just see the opposum when I was knitting & they are UGLY…especially if you encounter one on your back porch late @ night… :shock:

Did you see the pattern for the “Roadkill” sweater that goes with it ?

Funny!!! :roflhard:

No way, that can’t be spun from the animal’s fur, that’s got to be just a funny name. I’ve never pet a possum, but its hair looks awefully short (meaning nearly impossible to spin) and coarse to boot!

Funny name for a yarn though!

It says it’s 30% “possum fur.”

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

We see them pretty frequently. They aren’t the prettiest critter around for sure, but they are kind of fun to watch. We had a mom and baby that got trapped in our garage once. She hissed at us as we came near so we let her leave on her own. I don’t know how you’d get the fur or enough of it though. It is rather short and course looking. Weird.

OK, I had to reseach just because I thought it was so odd, it’s actually this critter from New Zealand

http://www.softlysilk.com/ The left hand column has more information about it.


Awwww, I think they’re kinda cute! :smiley:

It sounds like they get the fiber from dead ones…

General: Introduced from Australia last century to establish a fur industry, opossums have created havoc in New Zealand forests. Large amounts of money continue to be spent on control measures, and now the fiber is being used for sweaters, as well as fur products.

Poor little critters…

Ohhhhh! This says it all…

The New Zealand Possum is not the same animal as we have here in the States. Their Possum
has soft and silky fur which has been said to be softer than many Cashmere goats.

Now I want to feel some…and pet the possum. :wink: :roflhard:

I bought some to make my dad a sweater vest last year. (The vest didn’t make it under the tree this Christmas :blush: ) The year is possum blended with wool and mohair. I really like the feel of it. I think it will be really warm.

I came home and researched it too before purchasing it. I couldn’t believe it was American opposum. I was glad it wasn’t. Those things are scary.


My husband brought back a sweater from New Zealand on a business trip with a wool/possum blend. It’s extremely soft, though I still can’t wear it on bare skin–but that may be due to the wool.

I thought it was a little odd to have a possum sweater, because I was thinking of the huge rat like thing we have in the States. After I saw a program on New Zealand, the possum has much longer hair, softer hair and looks much cuter! More of a texture of a cat.

I’m glad the possum mixup was solved! Our Canadian possums do have very short fur, long ratty tails, but very very sweet pink feet! I was beginning to think I’d have to start collecting them from the roadsides and learn to spin! samm :lol:

So glad to know that it isn’t from the American opossum! Those things are very scary! But it’s sad if it is made from an opossum carcass! Ewww. Don’t think I could buy it if it was from a slaughtered animal.

ARggghghhh!!! Last night I had my first opportunity to make some possum yarn for myself! And I blew it!!! I laughed so hard when I looked out into my yard and saw a big fat possum. I’ve never seen one in our yard before and not heard neighbours complaining about them. So perhaps we shouldn’t have been talking about it here? He ran when he saw me, back in behind our shed, but his scent was all over the yard, according to the dogs’ noses. We went out, husband armed with a big stick, when we had to take the doogers out for their last walk of the night. Possum yarn! I must be quicker next time! :roflhard: samm